Susumu Yokota: magic thread

yok-mt.jpg (19k) Susumu Yokota: magic thread
(Leaf / skintone - 1998 & 2000)

With dazzling electronic mutations and energetic beatsystems, Susumu Yokota reflects upon that underappreciated fiber of ongoing historical importance... thread.

Indeed, in Yokota's able hands soundwaves are spun into 11 ear-pleasing tapestries as surely as if they were woven from magic thread.

Entrancing weave pulls us into a beatless murk of watery surroundsound where a host of unknown sources ripple enticingly. Echoey guitar sounds repeat throughout hazy reflux, backed by lightly tapping beats and cymbals. Quiet grit cycles through unravel as fluid distortions seep out into a spreading pool of percussion-free resonance.

Beginning with a thrumming groove and persistent drumbeats, layer upon layer is added to the hypnotic circular; almost microscopic textures bleep out at a leisurely danceable pace as gauzey, brass-like swells radiate. spool (6:47) seems to unroll hesitantly, sweltering in a moody hush as faintly clattering soundcycles appear on several levels and synthtones hover and echo. potential reaches a juxtaposition of airy electronics topped by driving (though somehow non-aggressive) percussion.

Sporadic outbursts of slightly grungy tones wash over the muted e-ripples of fiber (2:08). Buzzing binaurally with scritchy warbles, metabolic picks up a throbbing beat, and then again another slightly offset pounding rhythm. Layers of bubbly static coat stitch's resonant humming frequencies.

A tribal-ish vibe which emanates from the drummy foreground of dispassionate-yet-warm blend overpowers the washy backdrop of fragile belltones. Digital microtextures underscore the wavering energies which twist obliquely through melt, cutting off this collection on a softly experimental strand...

The silky fabrics of Susumu Yokota's creations shimmer in subtle sweeps and colors, never overt, except in the thoughtfully applied rhythm sections. magic thread pulls together a most impressive convergence of experimental electro-ambient and (often) restrained beatronics. Tie yourself up with these very cool 9.0 sounds which can be found at Dutch-East India. 9-0.gif
This review posted May 29, 2000

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