erik wollo: wind journey

wol-wj.jpg (13k) erik wollo: wind journey
(Spotted Peccary/Wanderings - 2001)

We first encountered his expansive six-string stylings with last year's guitar nova; now soar with erik wollo on an instrumental wind journey. Though always close at hand, the guitar is less in the forefront during this dreamier outing as the one-man band's other instrumental talents take flight.

Brooding deep passages are traversed by the radiantly unfurling guitar strands of wind journey. Quietly rippling electronics and slight percussion join dream lines' gusting string-like sweeps, all of which sometimes serves as a backdrop for fluid pluckings. A spacious void is soon filled with drifting tonal flows, persuasive rhythms and brightly ringing guitar strings in wind journey 2 (5:37)

More-ambient textures spread across sea, the opening piece to the seasons suite (tracks 9 to 18) wherein wollo levitates over open land, through rain and frost to arrive at the amorphous drifts of winter lake. Midway through this phase, twangy reverbs lead into huldra 2 where ponderous drumbeats meet with raspy flute flavors. Piano twinkles and shifting guitar essences add the "shine" to winter shine (1:17).

Interlocking sequencer patterns and chimes mark the passage of time with their hypnotic convergence. Gauzey sheets of electric guitar ephemera fluctuate beautifully in aptly-named aurora borealis.

A gently flowing panorama for the ears, wind journey rises above new age mediocrity thanks to erik wollo's thoughtfully planned course. Favorable weather conditions (and several perfectly ambient interludes) make for a 70-minute, 8.4-rated flight of fancy through 23 (!) tracks.

From Spotted Peccary's Wanderings imprint. See also for further insights.

This review posted September 29, 2001

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