various artists: between sun and moon

va-bsam.jpg various artists: between sun and moon
(Soleilmoon - 2000)

To celebrate its 5th birthday, Amplexus has issued a sampler from its Arya and Lunar divisions; various artists from those subsects breathe exotic life into the sonic space between sun and moon. Neotribal excursions graced with flowing synth atmospheres dominate the disc's opening numbers, while more-electronic percussion-free zones close the proceedings.

From Loren Nerell's Venerable Dark Cloud, "Dark Horizon" emits resonant vibes, laced with strands of female voice, occasional flute flurries and sporadic, echoey beats. Steadily thrumming ethnorhythms stir the hovering synth waves and rippling vocal cries of "Kabbala" (5:13) by Solitaire. Amir Baghiri first appears solo, stirring up ancient dusts with the didge-drum-and-drone incantation, "Last Heat" (as heard on Autumn").

Baghiri then joins Mathias Grassow and Rudiger Gleisburg to paint a luxuriously sprawling desertscape fantasy in "The Colour of Dreams"; subtle rhythmic effects underscore sweet synth breezes which brush the sonic veldt. Eschewing percussion, Emmanuel Tuts-Schiemsky lovingly wraps his "Woman" in softly billowing streamers of flutesound and faintly hovering atmospherics. From their True North collab, Baghiri and Grassow's "Finnmark" revels in a gritty, churning miasma of chant, flute, drums and shakers which could evoke a frozen wasteland or the sweltering tropics.

Fading in from nothingness, Grassow's own "Invocation" shimmers and radiates, eventually picking up a slowly building pattern of wistfully chiming synth notes. Rod Modell plunges into a beatless aquatronic dreamworld in his "Cool Watery Depths (11:05), where wavesounds wash over hypnotically swirling tones. Similar though not as dense, Quest's "Sol-Deep Water Mix overlays repeating patterns with watery organic noises and faint electric drones.

Residing in the large areas between sun and moon, you'll find a range of modern primitive electronics as well as a few less-tribal offerings. This appetite-inducing sampler delivers choice offerings from the Arya and Lunar sublabels; I'm garnishing it with an 8.8 rating.

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This review posted May 29, 2000

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