Sleep Research Facility: Nostromo

slerf-n.jpg (9k) Sleep Research Facility: Nostromo
(Cold Spring - 2001)

Yes, that Nostromo... Fans of the Alien films will be already familiar with the dead starship. Now, join Sleep Research Facility in exploring her techno-ominous passageways, devoid of human life but pulsing with unknowable circuitry... and not just extended hums from machinery as big as the local mall, mind you; these atmospheres are artfully arranged with textural elements and almost-musical essences. A certain dread looms as the craft's various levels are traversed, deck by darkened deck...

Beyond the mechanical throbbing which fills the void of a-deck (14:01), turbulent space rumbles and swells with fearful powers. Solar winds seem to blow outside of b-deck's (hopefully!) protective layers; these halls are permeated with coming-then-going drones of some still-animate system. Mysterious (and more-minimalistic) patterns seep across e-deck (11:21), joined by deep metallic gongwaves which reverberate in long, flat planes.
Once you've walked the nightmare hallways of Nostromo a few times (and are relatively sure you're not going to be consumed by those unstoppable aliens), you may even find a cold comfort within these oh-so-isolated surroundings. I appreciate that Sleep Research Facility kept this at a sedate-though-chilling level of technological remoteness, with no chest-popping monster sounds or dialogue from Ripley. An 8.9 for over an hour of serious thematic immersion.

Dip into Cold Spring for a damnably delicious taste of darkness.

This review posted September 29, 2001

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