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Rapoon:The Fires of the Borderlands  (Release - 1998) - A 3-D (Deep, Dark and Droning) sonic adventure into some other realm.
Robert Rich:A Troubled Resting Place  (Fathom - 1996) - A darkly illuminating collection of works from 1993-1996. A varied and interesting way to meet Mr. Rich.
Robert Rich:Seven Veils  (Fathom - 1998) - Exotic, ethnic, ecstatic! Rich and friends create new musical atmospheres with a definite non-Western flair.
Steve Roach:On This Planet  (Fathom - 1997) - Ambient master captures "live" energy in the studio. Not as intense as the hype, but a very good piece of work.
Steve Roach/Roger King:Dust to Dust  (Projekt - 1998) - Head out West with guitar-flavored electronics. A masterfully executed atmosphere!
Yuval Ron:In Between the Heartbeat  (Simulacra - 1998) - Artsy yet accessible sound sculptures features classical elements and electronic atmospheres. Very nice!
Mark Rownd:Painting Twilight  (Spotted Peccary - 1998) - Spacious landscapes and tribal moods unfold in this often "Obmana-like" release.
S.E.T.I.:Geometry of Night  (incoming - 1996) - Electronic surveillance with a great beat. Andrew Lagowski again explores and tantalizes.
A Small, Good Thing: Slim Westerns 
(Soleilmoon - 1994) - Ambience on the Range... Wonderful and western-flavored (as in American West). I just knew I'd love it, and I do.
Suspended Memories: Forgotten Gods 
(Hearts of Space - 1993) - Quite a tribal gathering... Roach, Reyes and Saiz create a darkly primitive atmosphere.
Synthetic Block: Synthetic Block 
(Mindspore - 1998) - Lengthy tracks of chilled-out electronics; occasionally beaty, always serene.
Tear Ceremony: Film Decay 
(Simulacra - 1998) - Surreal, yet inviting musical snapshots from Dallas, Texas. Highly recommended.
Tear Ceremony: Resin 
(Simulacra - 1997) - Take a trip with Tear Ceremony's truly twisted tones. Disturbing and very nicely done.
Terre Thaemlitz: Means From an End 
(Mille Plateux - 1998) - Scholarly discourse via discordant sounds; a very satisfying work, but not for the passive listener.
Terre Thaemlitz: Soil 
(Instinct - 1995) - Dark, sparse electronics with interesting and meaningful found samples. Artistically rendered and very chilling, really.
Robert Scott Thompson: Frontier 
(Mirage -1998) - True ambient synthscapes - a wondrous 72-minute journey to the unknowable.
turk knifes pope: performance crippled data restriction 
(zenflesh -1998) - One 72-minute-long noise piece... not noisy noise, but...
Tuu: Terma 
(Fathom -1998) - Ethnic instruments and electronics form a dark, dusty ambience.
Various Artists:Amberdelic Space  (Dressed To Kill - 1996) - Just acquired! Massive 4-CD box set featuring space/trance cuts from dozens of artists of varying renown. Quite a bargain bonanza!
Various Artists:The Ambient Expanse  (Mirage - 1998) - 5 long slabs of beautifully ambient spaciousness from some of the best. Drift away...
Various Artists:Ambient Rituals  (Hypnotic/Cleopatra - 1995) - A fine compilation of 8 artists from the Hypnotic division of Cleopatra.
Various Artists: Amplexus 
(Projekt - 1995) - Three long, luxurious tracks from Obmana, Brennan and Roach, which blend into an hour-long ambient excursion. You need this.
Various Artists: Apokalypsis Explicata 
(Multimood - 1998) - Multimood celebrates 10 years of avant-garde sounds on 2 highly recommended CDs.
Various Artists:chillout phase two  (Instinct - 1994) - A 2-CD set of cuts from Instinct Ambient. Recommended!
Various Artists:Earthjuice  (Waveform - 1998) - Jamaican-flavored electronics follow a dubby groove. This is fun stuff!
Various Artists:Excelsis: A Dark Nöel  (Projekt -1995) - Have a Gothic Christmas with this collection of darkened Christmas covers.
Various Artists:Exhibitions  (BLT -1998) - Universality is the key to this world-encompassing comp... electronic sounds abound.
Various Artists: The Other World 
(Hypnos - 1998) - Various artists but a common theme... check out the dreamworld of meditation in this wonderfully spacey 2 disc comp.
Various Artists:Three A.D. - A Waveform Compilation 
(Waveform - 1996) - A worthwhile collection of ambient dub from the U.K.
Various Artists:Throne of Drones  (Sombient/Asphodel - 1995) - 13 tracks, all in full drone-mode. Spacy!
Various Artists:Voyager  (AdAstra - 1997) - Visit various exotic sound-locales on this ambient/electronic tour. A good beginning for a new label.
Vidna Obmana:Crossing the Trail  (Projekt - 1998) - A gorgeous excursion from Belgian ambient master. Required listening!
Vidna Obmana:Echoing Delight  (Extreme - 1993) - Ethereal ambience with some tribal influences. Beautiful!
Viridian Sun:Solar Noise  (Hypnos - 1997) - Ambient duo working with keyboard electronics and very processed guitar. Nicely sweeping and dark.
Anthony Asher Wright:Ambient Ashera Selections  (1997) - Double-disc from Down Under. Minimal and lovely Australian ambience.
Doug Wyatt:Accidental Beauties  (Sonosphere - 1998) - Not bad for a "beginner"! Interesting ambient electronic compositions.

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Robert Rich: Numena - Classic early material, reworked in 1993. Hauntingly organic electronics.
Saul Stokes:Washed in Mercury - Ambience and beats, all very crystalline and alluring in nature.
S.E.T.I.: Knowledge - Andrew Lagowski's dark and spacy ambience. Keep your eyes to the skies...
Steve Roach: Structures from Silence - Early (1984) synthesizer pieces. A taste of things to come.
Steve Roach/Vidna Obmana: Well of Souls - 2 great artists who sound great together... Ambient with a capital A!
Synaesthesia: Desideratum - 2 discs brimming with gorgeous spacey ambience, from the multi-named Leebs and Fulber.
Various Artists: A Brief History of Ambient Volume 1 - Virgin (& Caroline) Records have a lot to offer (152 Minutes 33 Seconds) from their archives. Label-centric, but educational and impressive.
Various Artists: ...and even wolves hid their teeth - Dark and tasty slabs of Scandinavian Cold Meat.
Various Artists: em:t 2000 - 2 Discs from Instinct with extremely well-done works from various ambienteers.
Various Artists: Storm of Drones - This just in. 3 whopping discs filled with Sombient's choicest hand-picked drones! Wow!
Various Artists: Trance Europe Express 2 - 2 techno-filled CD's. Mostly quite wonderful.
We:As Is - A bit of hip hop electronica from Asphodel's "illbient" crowd. Varied and interesting.