KK. Null: Peak of Nothingness

kkn-pon.jpg (17k) KK. Null: Peak of Nothingness
(Hushush - 2001)

Known for his rampant guitar (!?!) deconstructions, Kazuyuki Kishino Null creates both the music and artwork for this Hushush release... while the packaging's barrage of 1s and 0s seems to point toward some disturbed digital destination, it doesn't fully prepare you for the transmogrified sounds of Peak of Nothingness which are dark abstractions going to/coming from unknowable places...

The scouring your ears receive from the blistered soundwaves of 1 will give you an idea of what to expect in these bizarre permutations. Mercifully the brain-spiking tap-tap-tap of 2 (0:59) is short-lived. Less intrusive are the muffled drones of 3, speckled with occasional glitchiness.

Ominous ruffles sway in a nearly-musical rise-and-fall, laced with 5's scritchy adornments. It's almost as if castanets are clacking beneath 8, but given the distorted nature of the surreally slurring soundstream, that seems unlikely. Soft-though-virulent energies course through 10 (8:43), buzzzzing on several levels with plenty of intermittent sputters fragmenting the flows.

Like a boiling cauldron of electronic fluids, 11 spits and spurts with superheated turbulence. Muted bass pulses rumble rhythmically through 12, echoing into their own darkness; ephemeral almost-tones resonate above. A moment of silence precedes the warped strands of caustic rays shooting from 13 which forces roughly wavering frequencies into intriguing sonic confrontations never before heard.

A little rough for me actually... KK. Null's aggressive-yet-contained explorations tend to wear me down rather than pick me up. The Peak of Nothingness is a summit of 8.2 noisiness best left to more-intrepid difficult-listeners than I...

The KK.Null website gives an inside look, as does the Hushush site...

This review posted June 30, 2001

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