Francisco Lopez: Untitled #89

lop-u89.jpg (10k) Francisco Lopez: Untitled #89
(Or - 1999)

Creating more than 90 recordings of his uniquely personal electro-acoustic soundworlds during the past 18 years, Francisco Lopez has long been known to utilize silence as part of his aural constructions. Silence and near-silence, as well as intensely powerful walls of noise, are part of Untitled #89 which presents almost one hour of unknowable sonic presences which evolve... very gradually.

With a barely perceptible crawl in from silence, softly mechanical drones begin to appear, rippling with a radiant, ever-building hum. Resounding like distant plane engines (with perhaps a grinder or two in operation), the texture thickens and strengthens, small details becoming clearer though never gaining full focus. Various rings, pings, insectoid chatter and/or faraway train horns seem to (maybe) appear and disappear, miragelike amid the undeniable, droning vortex.

By the 28-minute mark, the endlessly churning mass thrums like a drastically overworked transformer ready to explode in a tornado-stricken industrial zone. The relentless stream slooowly grows louder and louder still, consuming all with its abrasive force... the ears shudder at the imensity of this unrestrained blast until, at 41:25...

it suddenly stops.

But, no... as ears adjust... ever-so-faintly, a residual microdrone continues to steadily waver in near-silence. These almost invisible rays of sound bask in their own time and space, reminding us that the power is still there, until even they fade away.

To be sure, not everyone will appreciate Francisco Lopez' sonic foray into this blend of extremes... but for those into texural drones, Untitled #89 is a must-have masterwork. I personally can appreciate it to a buzzing 8.3...

This disc (and many,many more) is distributed by Dutch-East India

This review posted March 29, 2000

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