Laminar: Ante-chamber

lam-ac.jpg (24k) Laminar: Ante-chamber
(Soleilmoon - 1999)

More turbulent than ambient, the 62 relentless-though-intriguing minutes of Ante-chamber seem to have been recorded in utterly inhuman hotspots of electroindustrial activities... and I don't mean "electroindustrial" as a music form, but as giant transformative sonic/electronic and mechanical processes... Laminar applies and reapplies heavy doses of digital manipulation, granular synthesis and other waveform distortions to create (and destroy) otherwise unattainable aural fantasies/nightmares.

Bubbling and burning with energy, the unidentifiable elements of Sector 1 (12:07) pass through several destructive/creative phases, including what sounds like an open fire, an enormous blast furnace, a sizzling radiation bath and a barrage of contorted radiowaves (and that's only in the first few minutes). It's a wild, wild ride! Sector 2 immediately explodes into a frenzy of relentlessly forceful gusts, surging through a blistered cortex in an extended hyperdriven soundflood, eventually waning and dissolving. Less brutal and shorter, the warbling slipstreams of Sector 3 (2:09), while defintely strange and indecipherable, seem almost "normal" in comparison.

Sector 4 and Sector 5 continue in the vein of industrial-strength sound transformation, with more torturous manipulations inflicted upon unknowable sources. Expect more tremendous lashings of violent soundstorms and subatomic audiomolecular eruptions rendered very large (and most likely dangerous). It's like being submerged in a variety of uninhabitable environments on this world and others. Sector 6 begins in a more subdued zone, though still alive with ominous rumbling/rippling, gritty textures distorted voices; soon enough though chasmic outbursts and crazily spouting radiowaves overpower the scene.

A quieter zone, Sector 7 radiates in windy, warbly subterranean world, echoing with dark technospectral waves and other sci-fi-ish spookiness. Mechanically clunky rumbles/distortion open Sector 8; semi-rhythmic patterns almost emerge from the chaos, as do frightened squeals and mutated clocks which are overtaken by a creeping grunge layer, followed by further grumbling distortions.

This is not "floating on an airy cloud" ambience... this is "being sucked into a fiery, boiling, exploding, earthquaking void of unreality" dissonance. That's not necessarily a bad thing either, depending on your personal listening inclinations. With Ante-chamber, Laminar will take your ears to places they've never been (and may never want to go again, if they're a bit squeamish). I liked it enough to issue this still-stunned 8.3 for a truly chaotic undertaking. 8-3.gif
This review posted December 28, 1999

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