KSINE: dark-ambient Christmas music 1

ksi-dac1.jpg (10k) KSINE: dark-ambient Christmas music 1
(mp3.com - 2000)

'tis the season... and we definitely don't want to hear annoying Chipmunks or Grandma getting Run Over by a Reindeer in our seasonal sounds...

More appropriate for these environs are the wafting expanses of KSINE's dark-ambient Christmas music 1. A short-but-sweet (but semi-somber) holiday offering features a trio of long tracks (and three excerpted versions) which distill the cheer from Christmas classics, rendering them into slowly oozing soundcapes of moodily tonal dronality.

Low, ponderous tones slink through the floating mists of Godrest without any distinct reference to its assumed traditional counterpart. (None of the pieces do for that matter). Chiming and looping, hypnotic belltones glint through the wavering drifts of electronic gleam which flow through Goodking.

Silent 1 (2:58) subtly hovers, giving a taste of the long-form version which follows... Glacial symphonic movements cross the softly undulating plains of Silent 2 (12:54); the low, extended notes are occasionally visited by unobtrusive e-piano notes. Shortened versions of the two opening tracks follow.

Thanks to Anthony Asher Wright for pointing me to these tracks, and thanks of course to KSINE a.k.a. Jeremy Kolosine, for sending it right away.

If you've been dreaming of an ambient Christmas (as I have), dream no more... KSINE's dark-ambient Christmas music 1 is abstract (and lovely) enough for year-round listening. A holly-jolly glow emanates from my 8.6 rating of these dark and rather minimalistic scenes. 8-6.gif
This review posted December 30, 2000

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