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Ignis Fatuus to Pickadelic...

Ignis Fatuus:The Futility Goddess  (Cold Spring - 1998) - A classical-styled darkness with soft spoken-word accompaniments. Poe would love it!
Illusion of Safety:Of & The  (Soleilmoon - 1997) - Two CDs of beatless ambience, creating a bleak, haunted atmosphere.
Jon Jenkins: Flow 
(Spotted Peccary -1998) - Sublime blend of free-form ambience and piano sounds.
James Johnson: Unity 
(Zero Music -1998) - Long, delicate pieces of supremely floating electronics. Very nice indeed.
Juno Reactor:Bible of Dreams   (Blue Room - 1997) - Extremely artful techno. Beautifully constructed, with delicious conga flavorings!
The KLF:Chill Out   (TVT - 1990) - Taking the A (for Ambient) train!
Larry Kucharz:Electrochoral Dreams  (International Audiochrome - 1998) - Kucharz returns to his synthesized choral sound.
Larry Kucharz:Dark Red  (International Audiochrome - 1998) - Kucharz' ambient evolution continues, his minimal works becoming even more refined.
Larry Kucharz:Metachoral Visions  (International Audiochrome - 1997) - Unadorned beauty by way of long, flowing synth tones with little or no processing/effects.
Lagowski:Ashita  (Side Effects - 1997) - Andrew Lagowski's newest looks to the future. Beautifully subtle details underneath slow-beat techno.
Alan Lamb:Night passage  (Dorobo - 1998) - More of Lamb's found sound recordings from the world's largest stringed "instrument"... and then some.
Love Spirals Downward:Flux  (Projekt - 1998) - LSD's Ethereal Pop (via processed guitar and female voice) meets modern beats.
Lull:Moments  (Release - 1998) - The latest from Mick Harris. Can be optionally heard as one long industrial drone, or as 99 broken shards. Very interesting!
Lustmørd: Heresy  (Soleilmoon - 1990) - Undeniably dark. Deep, cavernous reverberations, subterranean in sound and feel.
Mandible Chatter:Food For The Moon   (Manifold - 1997) - If variety is the spice of life... zap your musical taste buds on this sonic feast!
Mandible Chatter: Grace   (Manifold - 1995) - Wildly diverse sounds and music.
Moby: Ambient   (Instinct - 1993) - The former king of Techno does the ambient thing... well, pieces of it anyway.
Mox: Mox  (RGB - 1998) - Musical crossbreeding yields an ear-friendly electronic/ambient/world/retro-rock entity.
Muslimgauze: Beyond the Blue Mosque   (Staalplaat - 1996) - A collection of tracks culled from limited editions. Hear them here.
Muslimgauze: Blue Mosque   (Staalplaat - 1994) - 2 CDs of (very!) rhythmic noise.
Arne Nordheim: Electric  (Rune Grammofon - 1998) - Utterly amazing rerelease of sound experiments recorded 30 years ago. (See also the Biosphere/Deathprod remix CD).
Open Canvas: Nomadic Impressions 
(Waveform -1998) - Ethnically-influenced ambient electronics.
The Orb: Orbus Terrarum  (Island - 1995) - A strange and wonderful musical journey.
Jeff Pearce:Vestiges  (Jeff Pearce Music - 1998) - If I didn't tell you these sounds came from a guitar, you'd probably not guess it. Very nice indeed.
Photek:Modus Operandi  (Astralwerks - 1997) - Drum and Bass masterpiece by an obsessive genius... and it's only his first full-length release.

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O Yuki Conjugate:Equator - Dazzling! Not as "tribal" as I'd expected, but great sounds.