green isac: groundrush

grei-gr.jpg (11k) green isac: groundrush
(Spotted Peccary - 2001)

Ever expanding their horizons, the folks at Spotted Peccary have brought in ethno-minded green isac from Norway. Cybershamanic soundstreams issue from groundrush, redefining the otherworldly essences of faraway places, encapsulating them in modern electronics. Twelve tracks add up to more than 50 minutes of worldly listening.

The plodding rhythmic thrum of a processed framedrum opens the disc as Groundrush (5:54) is joined by flutes, cellos, synths and more in exotic electronic expansions; jangling notes swirl above the intermingling neo-ethno instrumentation. Sweetly spooky atmospheres float behind Wasa, threaded with bassy blurts, mid-tempo beats of several varieties and just a dash of digital grunge to dirty it up a bit. Radio voices are submerged beneath Glue one's glimmering haze, where muffled flutations and sinuous e-bow hover above a bed of busy little e-beats.

A lazy evening under a glowing sunset is brought to mind by the flexible bass riffs and simmering strings of Red Guitar; warbling flutage and lightly pattering percussion stir the airwaves like a warm breeze. Documentary-style spoken samples are stirred (repeatedly) into the metallically twanging notes of Is there any doubt in your mind?. A dash of hip-hoppiness invigorates the cool, tranquil groove of Mifune; hear the crooning glow of the vocoloop, the luxuriant writhing of the e-bow, and the whatever-they-do of the dynacordian and waveberim.

The enticingly shapeless backdrop of Miner receives intermittent applications of slowly thudding drums and softly sparkling chimes. Backed by a grittily churning synthdrone, layers of lively ethnic beats clatter close the disc with Fleetwood (2:02)

With an arsenal of suitably hybridized instruments, andreas eriksen and morten lund forge soundworlds in Norway, but not of Norway... green isac's ancient and futuristic influences are melded (in fairly even proportions) into the smooth-though-rhythmic technotribal output of 8.3-ranked groundrush.

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This review posted April 30, 2001

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