Frolic: To Dream, Perchance to Sleep

fro-tdpts.jpg (22k) Frolic: To Dream, Perchance to Sleep
(Projekt - 2000)

Here's to a husband and wife making beautiful music together... as Frolic, Matthew Chinn and Kelly O'Brien (with help from guitarist Jon Beard) perform ethereal compositions of gauzey surreality and contemplative serenity. The lush synthclouds of To Dream, Perchance to Sleep are infused with wafting vocals and soft splendor.

Within mutedly droning swirls and atmospheric weather happenings, O'Brien's medievalistic croons unfurl prettily, awash in generous reverb as The Tides of March roll in. Muffled electrosymphonics flourish briefly in Wept I to be replaced by the celestial winds and shuffly rhythms of lovely Breathing in My Soul; womanly tones stir through dreamily drifting soundstreams, accented by occasional spiraling synth glints.

Beard's vocal contributions to short Forever Forlorn and the title track (8:01) are comparable to Brendan Perry's Dead Can Dance stylings, though a bit more blurred. Electric guitar contortions are pumped up by tribalized e-drums and moody keyboarding in Stay; an inviting groove ensues as do disconcertingly rippling effects in Kelly's song. A ringing guitar interlude, The Return (1:19) resonates into a haze which becomes the cool syncopated twangs of Distant, sweltering with atonal slurs.

Nocturnal powers dance throughout So True, lifted by its pattering drumbeats, lilting synthlines and ephemeral voicetrails. Diffused-though-dense ballad The Promises seems unnecessary, though filmic piano-powered etude Heal closes the disc with sweet, sweeping Enya-esque moods.

Folks tend to think of Projekt as a "Goth" label, and tend to think of Goth as dark and creepy... To Dream, Perchance to Sleep is not that; heavenly flows of ethereality bring an obtuse lightness to your world when Frolic do their thing. An 8.4 for dreamy sounds which won't cause drowsiness.

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This review posted March 28, 2001

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