Depth Charge: Lust 2

depc-l2.jpg (13k) Depth Charge: Lust 2
(DC Recordings - 1999)

In Lust 2, Depth Charge unites a love of vintage '60s and 70s kitsch flicks with a love of rollicking rhythms and out-there electronics. Light in spirit but heavy on groove, J. Saul Kane is responsible for these 10 funtime body-movers (as well as for being the "Man" in Octagon Man whom you'll be reading about here next month).

Two fistsful of kung-fu movie samples add a certain whimsical flair to Han Jo Din (Even Heroes Have to Die) (7:36). Maybe if you're a kung-fu fan, they'll add even more, but at any rate, the opening track is a groovy beatblast brimming with energy and b-movie charm. Persistently plodding Django stalks through a hazy desert, laced with weird choral samples, distant harmonica riffs and high keening strings. With ghetto-talkin' samples, Death & Diamonds (is the Name of the Game) takes to the mean streets of boyz 'n' hoods 'n' fast 'n' furious drum 'n' bass.

Womanly spoken word (probably some sex kitten talk... maybe the only real "lust" factor in this disc, actually...) is distorted almost beyond comprehension in the intro to the slowbeat smoldering of Cut My Veins, a sludgy mix of long organ notes, ponderous basslines and glitchy accompaniment. Strange electro-vibrato effects and a perky beat combine for the brief Model Des Sexy Weird (1:55). A truly retro vibe infuses the easy-riding Harley Davidson (Instrumental) (and its happy harmonica, big fat organ sounds and the periodic gunning of engines) with a spry, rather clean-cut sense of fun before the track shifts gears into a mutant funk variation. I... Always Do! and Pretty Pretty close the disc with more movie samples interspersed within a framework of beats and cool electrogroovations.

I'm giving Lust 2 an extra few notches on the point-o-meter just because I had such a good time. I appreciate this 46-minute glimpse into the mixed-media world of Depth Charge and would have to add that really, really serious types need not apply. It's a blast for the rest of us though!

A whole lotta music (including this 8.8-rated disc) is distributed by Dutch East India Trading.

This review posted March 29, 2000

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