Richard Bone: Tales from the Incantina

bon-tfti.jpg (9k) Richard Bone: Tales from the Incantina
(Indium - 2000)

While the musically-translated Tales from the Incantina are inspired by the spiritual philosophies of the ancient Toltecs (you do remember the Toltecs, don't you?), don't expect ethno-impersonations or primitive renditions... Richard Bone speaks in his own "tongue", fluently storytelling in lush, simple synth loveliness.

Vaporous sweeps surround In Said Katun with glowing tonal blurs that sway like placid ocean waves. Luxuriant and soft, Nagualito simply wafts on rounded organ-tones. Dream-like ripples emit from A Column of Glyphs around which string-like passages swelter and quiet chimes twinkle.

Emitting a series of choppy, fluttering pulsations, Inevitable Zen is soon joined by spaciously-applied piano notes, distant mists and flutey swells. Ley Lines's guitar strings form lightly reverberating patterns around which synthhaze gathers and swirls. Soft tones cascade in replicating layers, first ephemeral, then more concrete as Nine gods nine (3:45) shimmers in those hushed showers.

With a spacier vibe, the darker, pitchshifting drones of House of Elegant Idols (6:44) receive thoughtfully-placed ivory droplets amid a wash of less-focused soundwaves. So pretty it hurts... tiny notes traipse up and down the resonant wisps of Sanctus Sonora, closing the disc at the 51-minute mark.

Just beautiful... depending on your mood these pieces can be uplifting or heart-rending in their sweet musical simplicities. Beatless synthmelodies from Richard Bone remember the Toltecs, though the 8.4 Tales from the Incantina are indistinct enough to tell whatever stories you want to hear, as long as they're steeped in serenity.

Indium is the "ambient division" of Bone's quirkworks laboratory. Marleen's fanpage is the best place to get more Bone info.

This review posted April 30, 2001

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