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Alpha Wave Movement:Concept of Motion
(Groove Unlimited - 1998) - "Classic" analog synths create moving music.
Ambient Temple of Imagination:Planetary House Nation
(Mindspore Records - 1997) - Join this improvisational Gathering of psychedelic soundmakers for a real trip!
Aphex Twin:Selected Ambient Works Volume II
(Sire/Warner Bros. - 1994) - Richard James may be one of the heavy hitters in the ambient electronics league, but there are a few misses and strikes here.
Beatsystem:em:t2297  (em:t - 1997) - Don't judge an act by its name... wonderfully wild experimental sounds, not techno.
Michael Thomas Berkley:Images from Earth  (Numinous - 1998) - Working on a grand scale, this recording chronicles the Earth's entire evolution via ambient/new age music.
Biosphere/Deathprod:Nordheim Transformed  (Rune Grammofon - 1998) - Two Norwegian artists remix early experimental master Arne Nordheim with beautiful results. (See also the Nordheim Electric review.)
The Black Dog:Spanners  (Warp Music/EMI Music - 1995) - Interestingly innovative computer music. Wonderful, wonderful.
Blue Chip Orchestra:Red Sky Beat  (Fathom - 1998) - Have you ever asked, "What if Deep Forest used American Indians instead of pygmies?"
Richard Bone:Electropica  (QuirkWorks - 1998) - A groovy little Bossa Nova tribute. Hip-shakin' fun for everyone!
Richard Bone:The Spectral Ships  (Hypnos - 1998) - Avast! A fleet of ghost ships in the form of mysterious ambient electronics and neo-classical touches.
Caul:Reliquary  (Eibon Records - 1997) - Darkness meets divinity in this treasure chest of assorted relics.
David Cortopassi: Phaoroah of Mars  (Self Released - 1998) - Misleadingly titled/themed collection of nice piano music.
Delerium:Karma  (Nettwerk - 1997) - Just released in April '97. Like Semantic Spaces with even more vocal tracks. Beautifully mixed, but is it Ambient?
Delerium:Semantic Spaces  (Nettwerk - 1994) - Sounds an awful lot like Enigma's MCMXC a.D. in spots, but that's not a bad thing! Chants and dance and more.
Divination:Dead Slow  (Subharmonic) - Bill Laswell and friends churning up a deep rhythmic form of ambience.
Eat Static:Science of the Gods  (Mammoth/Planet Dog - 1997) - Hyperactively pounding space-techno; lots of reckless energy and fun!
eM:Greater than zero, less than one  (Foundry - 1998) - A microscopic look into eM's Powerbook... experimental computer sounds.
Enigma:MCMXC a.D.  (Charisma/Virgin - 1990) - Mostly great. The high points are must-have material, and the weak points aren't that bad.
Falling You: Mercy  (AdAstra - 1998) - An admirable job of blending gloomy pop-styled female vocals with ambient electronics.
Faraway:Far from the Madding Crowd  (Resurgence - 1998) - Nicely done ethno-world sounds, but can't avoid the Dead Can Dance comparisons.
Ferrella/Schaefer: Effigy  (Earthboys - 1998) - Take an unpredicatable journey in alienation through these murky otherworlds.
Firmament:Open-Eyed Ascension  (Velvet Empire - 1998) - Ethereal forces of lightness and darkness combine in deep synthesized space.
Freaky Chakra:Blacklight Fantasy  (Astralwerks - 1998) - The beat never stops in this relentless, effects-filled electronic frenzy.
Future Sound of London:Lifeforms  (Astralwerks/Virgin - 1994) - Paths 1-7 - More interesting, innovative sounds and music.
Lisa Gerrard/Pieter Bourke:Duality  (4AD - 1998) - If you love Dead Can Dance's songstress, then you must own this!
Jeff Greinke:Places of Motility  (Hypnos - 1998) - Re-releases from 1985-1988 unearth the experimental and surreal roots of Greinke's sound.
M. Griffin:Sudden Dark  (Hypnos - 1997) - Aptly titled solo release by the man from Hypnos Recordings. A most lovely darkness.
Paul Haslinger:World Without Rules  (RGB Records - 1996) - World-music influences abound in a fascinating release from former Tangerine Dream-er.
Katsuya Hironaka:Golden Days  (BLT - 1997) - Japanese electronician Katsuya Hironaka's excellent solo release.
Richard Horowitz/Sussan Deyhim:Majoun  (Sony Classical - 1997) - Absolutely gorgeous blend of Eastern and Western sounds, featuring Deyhim's amazing, exotic vocal powers.

These Reviews Coming Soon

Banco de Gaia:Live at Glastonbury - "World"ly ambient/techno recorded live... a strange concept? Initial listening says it works well.
Delerium:Morpheus - Finally, I've scored some Pre-"Semantic" stuff. I'll get back with what I've found here...