bigover.gif This is where all the QOM Questions of the Month accumulate. There are 6 months worth of Pre-1999 QOMs to be found within the AmbiEntrance Archive.

March 2000:
"Bio Time"... 14 artists tell whose story they might tell.

February 2000:
"The Written Word"... 16 artists reveal their literary favorites.

January 2000:
"Introduce Your Sound"... Say Hello to 18 artists who describe their sounds to us.

December 1999:
"R U OK 4 Y2K"... 15 artists make their pre-millennial predictions and assessments...

November 1999:
"Thanks-gear-ving"... 12 artists give Thanks for the tools (and talents) of their trade.

October 1999:
"Fear; Then vs. Now" Just in time for Hallowe'en, 13 artists talk about scary things.

September 1999:
"Remembrance" One Dozen artists tell how they want to be remembered.

August 1999:
"The Best Part"... The creative process and its reward, from 12 artists.

July 1999:
"Movie Time"... 14 artists pick their favorite flicks.

June 1999:
"If it weren't music..."... 13 artists consider the potential "Plan B".

May 1999:
""... 13 artists link us to their personal web picks.

April 1999:
"Choice Audience"... 12 artists get to pick the time, place and audience.

March 1999:
"Negative Feedback"... 15 artists tell about the not-so-good things they've heard.

Febuary 1999:
"Positive Feedback"... 14 artists talk about the good things they hear.

January 1999:
"Anticipation"... 13 artists look forward to a new year.

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