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mark w's cd reviews 
For more opinions, mark warren weddle provides (200+) thoughtfully-written CD and live show reviews on a wide range of electronic and experimental sounds in his visually lo-fi website.

Goatrance Online 
"The web's psychedelic meeting place" keeps an international communication line open concerning Goa-related music, parties, DJs, etc. in the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan , Israel, and other countries.

Last Sigh 
Another great info source for all things within the realms of "Noise, Ambient, World, Industrial, EBM, Gothic, Experimental, Electronica, Darkwave". Loads of stuff you want to know.

Sonic Boom
An absolutely impressive assemblage of techno-electro-industrial information with loads of reviews, interviews and links. You could wander this voluminous site for days and never be bored.

interface magazine
If you want some good old tactile magazine reading, subscribe to interface "for the best coverage of electronic music and technology geared specifically for independent electronic musicians and fans".

This link's a straight shot to their ambient resources page. Of course, you'll find scads of Techno Info... it's Techno-World, after all!

Gaze into the future with the voluminously info-packed "Upcoming Releases" page from Brainwashed.

Alternate Music Press
This link takes you directly to AMP's collection of Ambient/ Electronic reviews; you'll find much more within the site.

Ujamaa's Ambient Experience
"is designed as a resource for the exploration of ambient music, including artist features, reviews, news, etc." Go there!

THE definitive source of Ambient information. Check this out before all others, if you haven't already. Much, much more to be found within their site (and Hyperreal's as well).

Hyperreal's Ambient Mailing List
If you want to know what's really going on with the world's Ambient listeners, here are the continually updated and archived texts of the Ambient mailing list. An inimitable resource.

Ambience for the Masses
A vast amount of comprehensive information here, if you're not blinded by...Urrgh!...that background! (I just "Select All" to highlight the text, making it legible!)

Some of the older reviews are here, but they're a treasure trove of ambient information.<

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - Labels and Resellers - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I've only listed the Dealers that I have personally done business with via mail-order.
I vouch for their service and wares.

Dutch East India
For over 20 years, Dutch East India has distributed an amazingly vast, diverse selection from the most esoteric listening sources for ambient, experimental, industrial, techno, noise and much more. Buy direct from their website.

Backroads Music
6000 titles deep since 1981, Backroads Music is the comprehensive Source for Ambient, Space, New Age, Tribal & Global. Unparalleled selections, excellent customer service, and coverage of the US and Canada, coast to coast, and into 80 different countries.

World Domination Recordings
Many acts here within electronic, trip-hop and post-rock parameters including Loop Guru, Sky Cries Mary, Perfume Tree (as well as other, less-hyped artists like Makyo and Lilith).

Rune Grammofon
Norwegian label which released the (AmbiEntrance #1 CD of 1998) box set of Arne Nordheim's incredible sound constructions from 30 years ago, as well as the Biosphere/Deathprod remix CD.

Darrin Vehagen's Australia-based label. Notorious for quality ambient/experimental sounds, including Shinjuku Thief and Alan Lamb.

Spotted Peccary
"Spotted Peccary Music is dedicated to the development of original progressive instrumental and limited vocal music inspired by the landscape, culture, and energy of North America."

Musical Starstreams
Now, this is cool! Get your RealAudio player, and hear streaming ambient/electronic while surfing the Web. Perfect listening while you're here at the AmbiEntrance:) Brought to you by Waveform.

Waveform Records
Strange new sounds are coming from Waveform Records (Remember the One, Two & Three A.D. comps!?) Check out their cool site!

The Release division of Relapse is responsible for goodies like new CDs from Brume, Dissecting Table, Lull, and Rapoon. Check out their impressive 3-disc comp, "Release Your Mind, Vol. 2".

Aucourant Records
Robert Scott Thompson's personal label, located in Roswell, Georgia, focuses on ambient, new-age, art and experimental releases.

Dallas, Texas based label responsible for giving us the lovely, twisted ambient/experimental sounds of Tear Ceremony. They have sound samples from both Film Decay and Resin so you can try before you buy.

Spareroom Studio
Spareroom Studio is a click-and-pick lineup of independent artists. Listen to the many samples (ambient, techno, electronic & house), choose which tracks you want recorded onto your own personal CD!

A growing label delivering new sounds from across the ambient/electronic spectrum. Responsible for excellent releases from Eleven Shadows, Twine, Falling You and the Voyager comp.

Randy Greif
Randy Greif, Swinging Axe Productions and the Ugly Jukebox, which includes over 1,000 items in the ambient/ experimental/ industrial vein. Heavily discounted with most at $8.00.

Multimood Records
Independent label is releasing (but not limited to): electronic, ambient, minimalism, contemporary, musique concréte, semi-classical, cross-cultural, atmospheric, tribal-ethnic and other experimental hybrids from all over the world.

Flux Records
Frank Rothkamm's enigmatic site, includes various layers of information woven into its somehow dada-istic design. In that light, I enjoy the "vOID Projection" especially.

Cold Spring
If your ambient is seeming a little too ordinary, venture further into left field with Cold Spring's roster, including Archon Satani, Inade, Masonna, Psychic TV and others.

Katsuya Hironaka's private label in Tokyo, Japan, whose goal is to expand the electronic music market. You'll be hearing more from BLT soon.

Manifold Records
Mandible Chatter, Aube, Totemplow and many more reside here. Some of the most interesting-sounding projects I've heard of. The already low prices include postage!

Amsterdam's own. You can find the "Vital" review newsletter here, as well as an immense catalogue of obscure titles. Muslimgauze, O Yuki Conjugate, Thomas Köner and others record on Staalplaat.

Hearts of Space
A national public radio phenomenon since 1983. Besides their radio shows, the site also focuses on their various recording labels, with an online order form and more info.

Fathom: Sounding the Deep
is the division of HOS responsible for ambient sound excursions by artists including Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Suspended Memories, Michael Stearns, Kenneth Newby, and TUU.

RGB Records
"The Groove of the Future", HOS' home of cyber-tribal performing artists such as Paul Haslinger, Candice Pacheco and D'C─ckoo.

Hypnos Recordings
Up and coming out of Portland, OR. Home of M. Griffin, Viridian Sun, Saul Stokes and more. Also links to the Jeff Grienke, A Produce and R. Bone websites.

Gothic/Ambient Headquarters! They've got a lot to offer and will send you a great little catalogue if you ask.

Soleilmoon Recordings
Plenty of artist info and more. They carry many other labels as well. Ask for a catalogue.

Home of The Future Sound of London, Photek and others. Hear their many Real Audio 3.0 tracks as well...

You'll find Banco De Gaia, Eat Static, Spacetime Continuum and many other artists & genres here.

Baba Luba
Real ambient fans with a great selection at realistic prices. I love their philosophy! (And I'm not just saying this because they named the AmbiEntrance as "Site of the Month... really!)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - Artists' Pages - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Scott Gibbons own informational resource site to all things Lilithian. An intriguing look at the exploratory artist/merry prankster behind the processes behind the experimental sounds.

A new site coming together from Terry Allen Bennett (curator of the official Muslimgauze site) deals in all things pertaining to Robin Storey's Rapoon.
This page will take you to sites for several artists, inlcuding Mick Harris (of Lull, Scorn), Front 242, Dead Voices on Air, and more.

Martin Franklin's own website to give fans the behind-the-scenes look at Tuu, whose latest (dark, powerful, exotic) release Terma, is reviewed here.

Robert Scott Thompson
Creator of the ambient excursion, Frontier, Thompson is a composer, computer musician, recording artist and Ph.D. at the School of Music at Georgia State University.

James Johnson
Ambient artist from north of Chicago. Hear his entire Unity CD here.

Andrew Lagowski
After you've enjoyed the AmbiEntrance's Lagowski interview, get information, updates and a discussion forum at Andrew's own website, recently moved to this address.

Anthony Asher Wright
Australian ambient from the creator of the double-CD Ambient Ashera Selections.

Terre Thaemlitz
This is Terre's own Comatonse Recordings site. A very interesting world to visit, with reviews, links, sound files and even HIV awareness info.

Paul Haslinger
Superman has his Fortress of Solitude... Paul Haslinger has his Assembly Room. Learn about Paul's high-tech wonderland and his many musical projects.

Steve Roach
A very, very nice site. Comprehensive information, news, discography and plenty of info about his newest release, "On This Planet". Roach fans must see it!

Vidna Obmana - The Official Site
Just opened and packed with information. Discography, interview, news, mail order and more. (Now I finally know what "Vidna Obmana" means!)

Muslimgauze - The Messenger
A site soley devoted to the prolific ethno-politico-ambient/industrialist/electro-percussionist.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - Miscellaneous Links - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Adrian Pertout Productions
Besides being an accomplished musician, Adrian is the only person I've found who still makes disks for my old Korg DSS-1. Visit his Australian page for more info.

The Empty Set
is making ambient music down in Tallahassee, and looking for a label. Find his Emptiness here.

Addicted to Noise
The biggest Belgian dance and club page, their Belgian clublist is the biggest and most up to date on the web. Also charts and other information.

Nature Net Recordings
Natural soundscapes from Brazil. No music, just true ambience from Nature herself. Their first album is Atlantic Rainforest Soundscapes.

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