bigint.gif We're always appreciative when artists from all over our listening sphere share a few words with us. This is the chronologically reversed Interview index, including 18 pre-'99 interviews.

Phillipe Petit:   (02/28/01)
As the collaborator behind the bip-hop generation, Phillipe Petit gathers some of the finer specimens of electronic music's evolving face.

Anthony Wright:   (12/30/00)
I can't imagine sounds being much softer or sweeter than those of Australia's Ashera...Meet Anthony Wright fresh from releasing his latest, Colour Glow.

Stephen Philips:   (11/29/00)
Stephen Philips (leader of Dark Duck Records) keeps busy by discovering new ambient/electronic talents, as well as releasing his own works under various pseudonymous projects.

Robert Scott Thompson:   (08/30/00)
A busy, busy man... multi-genre composer, professor, publisher, etc., etc. Robert Scott Thompson has recently shared his Blue Day with the rest of us...

Tetsu Inoue:  (07/29/00)
Ranked with the masters since his early Fax recordings, Testsu has most recently collaborated with Taylor Deupree, just releasing their DSP breakdown, active / freeze.

Tom Tyler:  (05/29/00)
Having just unleashed some beat- and sample-driven fun with Asleep at the Switch, Tom Tyler talks... with additional comments from D.C. Recordings head, J. Saul Kane.

Steve Roach:  (04/29/00)
Steve Roach has just released his newest ambient excursion, moonbathing in the reverberously droning rays created in his nocturnal explorations of the six-string.

Nigel Ayers:  (03/29/00)
Nigel has long been the lead "emitter" of Nocturnal Emissions; read about his newest release, Futurist Antiquarianism, and much more here...

In The Nursery:  (02/23/00)
Nigel and Klive Humberstone tell about their 20 years of filmic sounds, and their newest release, groundloop.

Vir Unis:  (01/26/00)
Vir Unis gives us a look inside The Drift Inside as well as into his previous stellar collaborations.

Simon Raymonde:  (01/26/00)
Ex-Cocteau Twin Simon Raymonde is now running England's Bella Union label with former bandmate Robin Guthrie. He tells about both phases of his career, and more.

Larry Kucharz:  (12/28/99)
Larry's signature sounds are heard again in Digichoral Blue Portraits, just released on his own International Audiochrome label; learn more here.

Richard Bone:  (11/27/99)
Richard speaks with us after performing a successful operation in the Ether Dome; his newest release creates free-floating musical ambiance.

Russell Mills:  (10/27/99)
Russell Mills (with the help of his "sonic mirror" Tom Smyth) has pieced together a darkly invigorating collage; Pearl + Umbra is constructed from the contributed sounds of dozens of ambient/art/experimental artists. Read more here.

Ambient Temple of Imagination:  (9/29/99)
Wrapping up the millennium with their 2-disc retrospective, Y2KAOS, we speak with Seofon, Thermal and Richard Sun

Jon Sheffield:  (8/28/99)
Your introduction to Columbia, MO's resident electronic wizard, Jon Sheffield, whose recent work, Shore Hoses, is also reviewed.

Taylor Deupree:  (7/25/99)
Taylor has been in the biz for several years in many artistic capacities, and is forging a new future as well. His 12k label has just released shuttle358's optimal.lp.

Meg Bowles:  (6/25/99)
Fresh from the release of her space/horn hybrid from the dark earth, Meg gives us the scoop.

Deborah Martin:  (6/25/99)
The main force behind Deep Roots, Hidden Water, Deborah tells us about her music and more.

Loren Nerell:  (5/26/99)
Ethnomusicologist Loren Nerell has turned sound-documentarian with his latest, Indonesian Soundscapes. Learn more here.

James Johnson  (4/28/99)
Reaching new heights of smooth, airy atmopsheres, James Johnson tells about his latest CD, Surrender  and the experiences which led him to this high point.

Michael Halcyon  (3/25/99)
A man with a mission, Michael Halcyon's new label reunites several familiar ambient/electronic "voices" from the old Silent Records days, and a few more besides.

Forest  (2/28/99)
The main man behind the Waveform label as well as the long-lived and growing Musical Starstreams radio/'Net show.

Nigel Ayers, Randy Greif and Robin Storey  (1/27/99)
It's three times an interverview, as the AmbiEntrance speaks with the creative trio, an ambient collaborative if you will, behind Soleilmoon's impressive Oedipus Brain Foil Box Set.

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Martin Franklin  (12/25/98)
The driving force behind Tuu, whose music incorporates ancient and modern elements speaks with us.

Gregory Kyryluk  (12/25/98)
As Alpha Wave Movement, Gregory has just released Concept of Motion. Read all about it, and his other musical identity, Open Canvas.

Michael Bentley  (11/26/98)
Founder of the Foundry speaks with us. He (as eM) has just-released the computerrific sound journey Greater than zero, less than one.

Kim Cascone  (10/31/98)
An influential shaper of ambient music today, Kim Cascone talks about his newest release, and about his historical involvements.

Todd Gautrea  (9/23/98)
As the mind behind Tear Ceremony, Todd is responsible for the AmbiEntrance favorites Film Decay and Resin. It was our pleasure to meet with him..

Robert Rich  (8/19/98)
Yes... the Robert Rich. Not only a definitive ambient musician, musical engineer, website designer and micophile, but a really nice guy! Robert's just released Seven Veils.

Jeff Greinke  (8/19/98)
Another master of the genre, Jeff tells us about Places of Motility, a rerelease of some early material, as well as his other projects, etc.

Sam Rosenthal  (7/14/98)
A busy guy, what with running the ambient/gothic Projekt label, recording and touring with black tape for a blue girl, etc., etc.

Jeff Pearce  (7/14/98)
His recently released Vestiges features some very un-guitar-like sounds. Read more about it, and him, here.

Terre Thaemlitz  (5/04/98)
Meet the truly intriguing character behind Means From an End  and the Comatonse label.

Katsuya Hironaka  (5/04/98)
From Tokyo, electronic musician and BLT label owner, tells about himself, his music and his label's newest compilation, Exhibitions.

Vidna Obmana  (4/07/98)
Belgian ambient master tells about his newest releaseCrossing the Trail  and much more.

Steve Roach/Roger King  (4/07/98)
For flavorful Southwestern ambience, Go West with the Dust to Dust  interview.

Muslimgauze  (3/07/98)
Bryn Jones offers a bit of a look at the elusive character behind Muslimgauze's 15 year reign of ethno-percussive musical activism.

Mandible Chatter  (3/07/98)
Meet the two brains who combine to become Mandible Chatter. Neville Harson and Grant Miller chat with us about their diverse sounds.

M. Griffin  (1/25/98)
He's a solo artist and a collaborator; he's a label owner; he's a website designer... and now, he's Link O'Rama's newest interviewee! Hear what the man from Hypnos Recordings has to say...

Paul Haslinger  (12/15/97)
The former Tangerine Dream-er is currently in the studio, trying to accomplish something despite questions from Link. A bit of past, present and future info here.

Andrew Lagowski  (9/13/97)
You may have heard him as Lagowski, S.E.T.I., Legion or other musical incarnations. Andrew was kind enough to be the AmbiEntrance's first interview victim and tells about his musical history, various projects and new release "Ashita".

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