Alio Die & Amelia Cuni: Asparas   (8.9)
(Projekt - 2001) - Enchanting lighter-than-air electronics, fluid soundsources and supple dhrupad singing allow for luxurious soaking.

Birds of Tin + Ene: key ray   (8.4)
(Mystery Sea - 2001) - Subdued, though twisted, audioconstructions provide murky funhouse thrills and out-of-the-norm soundscenes.

Deep Chill Network: Dreams 4   (8.7)
(Dark Duck - 2001) - Deep-space listening fills the nighttime air with vague-though-undeniable activities.

novisad: Seleya   (9.0)
(Tomlab - 2001) - Short, sweet and scruffy pieces of half-forgotten memories are obsessively replayed in almost-abstract snippets.

ostinato: kap arkona   (8.5)
(disco bruit - 2001) - Germanic electronic experiments will thump their way (sometimes irregularly) into your heart.

Robert Rich: Beastiary   (8.8)
(Release - 2001) - Radiation from the extra processing power creates mutant breeds of abstract music... strange and exhilarating stuff.

Steve Roden: Forms of Paper   (8.3)
(Line - 2001) - This extended panorama of quietly enigmatic textures is sourced entirely by the sounds of book pages being handled... really!

Solar Fields: Reflective frequencies   (9.2)
(Ultimae - 2001) - This sparkling production achieves an admirable balance between amorphously undulating contours and tasteful beatronic sensibilities.

v/a: 8x   (8.5)
(Dark Duck - 2001) - Especially immersive atmospheres will feed the desires of X addicts everywhere.

v/a: Definitive 1 - Chilled   (8.2)
(42 Records - 2001) - A sampler platter dedicated to smoothly beat-driven (and often wordy) popular electronics.

v/a: Music For The Spirits Volume 3   (8.2)
(Domo - 2001) - New Age doesn't have to be a dirty word... these artists put forth their most therapeutic sounds.

v/a: Or Some Computer Music   (8.3)
(OR - 2001) - "Computer music" in its more abstract sense explores the truly wild potentials therein.

v/a: Sulphur/Compound   (8.7)
(Sulphur - 2001) - From weird experimentronics to just-plain-cool music, this wide-ranging comp delivers many different, delicious flavors.

V.O.S.: Veil of Secrecy   (8.6)
(Triumverate - 2001) - Dismal pools of midnight murk are ominous, yet morbidly inviting if you're in the mood for darkness.

where echoes end: my sweet grotesque   (8.4)
(Where Echoes End - 2001) - An effort to blend some ambient into nicely-produced electro-song structures is appreciated.


December Overviews include:
Koji Asano, "A Second Dam"; Jorge Castro, "The Joys and Rewards of Repetition"; Cooldown, "Vivid"; Elton Dean & Mark Hewins, "Bar Torque"; Funki Porcini, "The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds"; Secret Agent Gel, "P as in Peter, F as in Frank"; Vainio Vãisãnen Vega, "Endless"; When, "The Lobster Boys"


This Month: "Turn the Page"... What mag(s) are 9 artists reading?


top ten.01: Another good year; my top ten picks and a few honorable mentions. Love 'em or hate 'em... these are my picks.


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