Anthony Wright:
I can't imagine sounds being much softer or sweeter than those of Australia's Ashera...Meet Anthony Wright fresh from releasing his latest, Colour Glow.


Ashera: Colour Glow   (9.3)
(Ashera - 2000) - An absolute ambient gem conveys achingly peaceful moods in the warm ethereality.

d/form: what are you thinking   (8.6)
(Zenapolæ - 1998) - Dark void-spaces let the mind almost-weightlessly trip in some Tron-like expanse of computerized microworlds.

Ferrella~Schaefer: Musical Catechism   (8.2)
(Earthboys - 2000) - For fans of obscure improvised soundscapes, these brooding panoramas may prove to be a religious experience...

L. Gaab: Morphosis   (8.3)
(Morphosis - 2000) - Fluid synth-symphonics, subdued by a sense of melancholia, exist within an oblique soundworld.

Jeff Karsin: Pandataria   (8.3)
(Jeff Karsin - 2000) - Tonal drones aplenty in a self-created world of amorphously levitating sounds.

KSINE: dark ambient Christmas music 1   (8.6)
(mp3.com - 2000) - 'tis the season for slowly oozing Christmas soundcapes of moodily tonal dronality.

para!helion: Midaq Alley   (8.3)
(Skin and Barrel Music - 2000) - An unpolished desert gem of musical wanderlust takes a do-it-yourself trek into dusty, pseudo-ethnic realms

Lou Reed: Metal Machine Music   (8.2)
(Buddha - 2000) - This 25-year commemoration features squealing, reverberating guitar feedback which captures the raw power of experimental noise.

Robert Rich: Sunyata   (8.4)
(Hypnos/Soundscape - 2000) - Take a time-trip to the first solo album of the trance-and-drone-master, with nary a trace of datedness.

TALES: Echoes from the Last Fairyland   (8.2)
(Somewhere in Time Records - 2000) - Occasionally fraught with danger, these adept elfin adventures tend to stay on the safe side of an enchanted realm.

Various Artists: ambient.01@hyperreal   (9.3)
(aquaFM - 2000) - This cyber-democratically-assembled collection is imbued with the combined effect of collective enthusiasm and burgeoning new talents.

Various Artists: Slumberland (episode two)   (8.2)
(Waveform - 2000) - Various artists' exploratory beatronics twist ordinary musical forms into dream-warped electro-soundworlds

Vidna Obmana: The Contemporary Nocturne   (8.5)
(Hypnos - 2000) - Everday instruments are reprocessed and shaped into fantastic tonal sculptures of nighttime soundshapes

Vir Unis: Aeonian Glow   (9.3)
(Greenhouse - 2000) - So unreal, yet so lovely... nearly all traces of "normal" instrumentation are artfully smeared into a deliciously morphing soundworld.


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