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"Who would you like to thank for being most supportive of your art?"
Firstly, I'd like to thank my mother who supported me in the very early days of my harmonic singing attempts and who continues to support me daily...and also through my memory of her. Thanks also to Patti and my daughters Emily Morgan and Amanda Taylor for supporting me in so many unimagined ways and also so many ways through imagination.

Spectral thanks to Chuck van Zyl for being the first to give so much airplay support and encouragement.

Thank you to the many programmers and reviewers who've supported our music including (in no particular order): Allan Bogle, David Opdyke, Eric Meece, John Diliberto, David Beardsley, Gianluigi Gasparetti, Chris Detjen, Dale Smith, Eric Dahlberg, Renee Blanche, Steve Davis, Brant Haas, A. Metzegen, Vladimir Jovanovic Annie Compton-Schmidt, Brad Torgerson, Michael Cokkinos, Roger Greer, Jessica Ables, Lisa Brody, Max Shea, Bill Schroeder, Forest, Lloyd Barde, Wayne Wong, Renee Gelpi, Ric Dragonetti, Matt Borghi, Mike Griffin, Mitchell Mendys, Janet Planet, Michael Croitoriu, and on the local scene: Annette Szczesiul, Joel Krutt, Andrea White, and Larry Demoniker.

Special fan-support thanks to Sean Adinolfi for coming to most of the shows and for friendship.

Finally, I would like to thank all the musicians and artists in my life who've supported, inspired and encouraged me along the way so far including: Alan Dow, Dirk Serries (aka vidnaObmana), Jim Desmond, Andy Bauer, Jim Bellanger, Greg Kyryluk (aka Alpha Wave Movement), Mathias Grassow, Larry Deviation, Paul Bystrak, Geoffrey Brown, Steve Roach, Shane Shanahan, Kevin Makarewicz, Emile de Leon, A Produce, Joyce St. Germaine, Steve Boehm, Jeff Pearce, Berk Meitzler, Mike Hovancsek, Timothy Hill, Jim Matus, and last but not least: Jared Clark.
    - Jim Cole: Spectral Spiral Music

Although it sounds stereotypical, I would most have to thank God and my family: My grandmother for helping me afford my first real keyboard, My parents for my music education and always attending gigs and being supportive of my quest. My wife for believing in me and my music, and selflessly allowing me to sink our hard earned savings into the money pit of musical gear and promotion. My son for constant inspiration and laughter. Lastly, I am very thankful for my musical brothers along the way: John, James and especially Christopher. Thank you guys for the musical paths we have traveled together and have yet to discover...
    - Paul Vnuk Jr: of the Tribal / Space duo Ma Ja Le

Crikey, plenty of people. The vast majority are friends, whose names would mean nothing much to anyone who doesn't already know me. I'll save that for a thrilling "shout out" list on my next release. Obviously Aspen, my dearest label boss at Involve, has been incredibly supportive. Love and kisses go his way (mmm... like Patio days that steamy summer...)

Also Pietro from the upcoming Igloo mag, Grooves, and the Audio-Nimbus show has had a lot of time for my music, which I would like to thank him for. He should be known to anyone on Hyperreal's ambient or IDM lists. I'd definitely like to thank all those on-line bods who took the time to drop me a few unsolicited lines to say what they thought.
    - Michael Upton : (a.k.a. Jet Jaguar)

I appreciate the support I've received from a number of folks, writers and reviewers and radio programmers who have given some of their time and attention to my projects. I would say that friends and family are, year in and year out, my biggest supporters, and their encouragement is key to my continuing to do music in public.

This year I particularly thank my grandmother for all the help that she gave me over the years and how much she made possible through that help. She died at the end of March, and I think of her often. My favourite recent grandmother memory was her staying up until after midnight just to listen to me on a local radio station... it may sound corny, but that meant a lot to me.
    - M. Bentley: the foundry

Actually I'd like to thank the artists themselves, the musicians and recording artists whose great work has lent strength and vitality to Hypnos. Most labels have to struggle quite a long time to accumulate such a great collection of talent. I've been lucky and Hypnos has become allied with some amazing people.
    - M. Griffin: Hypnos

A. A. Attanasio: for allowing me to draw upon and share his powerful mythological world.

Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana: for their meaningful validation, creative openness, and integrity as artists and men.
    - Seofon: member/producer with Ambient Temple of Imagination and The Archipelago

My wife has been so supportive of my art over the years- even when she didn't really understand what I was doing. I've been blessed with support from people like Mike Griffin (Hypnos label), John Diliberto (Echoes radio program) and Chuck van Zyl and Jeff Towne (The Gatherings concert series). All of these people have given me the gift of support and encouragement, and I am grateful to have all of them as friends.
    - Jeff Pearce: ambient guitarist

My family, friends and many thousands of fans worldwide. But I won't thank God, 'cause I'm not a rapper.
    - Nigel Ayers: of Nocturnal Emissions

The critics that give me good reviews and the people that sell my CD's and myself for putting up with myself.     - lk: (audiochrom)

I am always very upfront on questions like these as you never know who might be reading this! I thank the radio community profusely for getting the word out on my music for without them who would hear of my accomplishments. I also must thank the electronic e-zines such as this who cater to and promote innovative and aesthetic music to the masses.
    - Gregory Kyryluk: Alpha Wave Movement/ Open Canvas

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