Stephen Philips:
Stephen Philips (leader of Dark Duck Records) keeps busy by discovering new ambient/electronic talents, as well as releasing his own works under various pseudonymous projects.


richard chartier: series   (8.3)
(LINE - 2000) - Explore the turn-it-up-or-you'll-miss-it realms of hyper-micro-minimalism.

Deep Chill Network: Dreams 3   (8.7)
(Dark Duck - 2000) - Unhurried aural tranquility flows and spreads throughout these longform meditations of subtly shifting soundscapes.

M. Griffin/D. Fulton: The Most Distant Point Known   (8.9)
(Hypnos - 2000) - A tranquilly immersive speed-of-sound trip into the distance of dark and spacey realms.

Juno Reactor: Shango   (9.0)
(Blue Room - 2000) - Dazzling electronica which is as beautiful as it is aggressive hits hard with vivid electronic excursions.

Kolo: Diversions of Granduer   (8.8)
(C-FOM - 2000) - From sterile silicon origins come warm and invigorating synthtrips into various realms of intelligent electronics.

komet: rausch   (9.2)
(12k - 2000) - Proving that less can indeed be more, tiny bleeps and beats are strung together in patterns which evoke warmth..

Stephen Philips: Natural Environments   (8.4)
(Dark Duck - 2000) - Captured sounds of nature and humanity are backed by atmospheric electronics.

Sykes: I Witness   (9.0)
(Iris Light - 2000) - Delicious beatronics explore many moods, most being in a rather energetic vein.

Various Artists: pegged   (8.3)
(Zenapolæ - 2000) - From electronic ambient to IDM to exploratory soundscrapes to audio-abstractionism and virtually anything in-between.

Various Artists: The Archipelago: Islands   (8.5)
(the archipelago - 2000) - Go island-hopping with six artists to the far-flung regions of their sonic imaginations.

Various Artists: variious   (8.4)
(Intransitive - 2000) - 2 CDs of exploratory sonic mutations reveal just how far "sound" can be bent in very different directions.

When: Writercakebox; The Unblessed World of When   (8.3)
(Jester - 1999) - Unabashedly unfettered imagination is showcased in an onslaught of maniacal audiocollagework and off-kilter arrangements

erik wollo: guitar nova   (8.4)
(Spotted Peccary / Wanderings - 2000) - Unassuming acoustic beauty smolders with the slow-burning radiance of nimble fingering and serene moods.

zer0 0ne: prot0type2   (8.3)
(Waveform - 2000) - Transmit yourself into a quadrant of electronic activities which smoothly groove with impeccable arrangements and sharp production.


November Overviews include:
L. Gaab, "Resurections"; Bob Holroyd, "A Different Space"; People Like Us, "Lassie House/Jumble Massive"; pole, "3"; Sasha & John Digweed, "Communicate"


This Month: "Support"... A delayed Thanksgiving from 10 artists.


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