Richard Chartier:
It's been pleasurable and informative to speak with Richard; I appreciated the opportunity to question him about his out-of-the-norm stylings.


Lisa Carbon: Trio De Janeiro   (8.4)
(Quatermass - 2001) - Moog-powered culture-crossers are heated up by Brazilian accents and rhythms.

Richard Chartier: decisive forms   (8.5)
(trente oiseaux - 2001) - This microscopic endeavor sometimes slips into states of apparent nonexistentialism, but upon close observation, much artistry is revealed.

Cyber Zen Sound Engine/Matt Borghi:
The Intercepted Transmissions
(N-Light-N Records - 2001) - Fall into the fading hues of a most personal autumn with restrained music and more-abstract atmospherics.

David Darling: Cello Blue   (8.3)
(Hearts of Space - 2001) - An instrumental enchanter seems to emanate from a small, cello-heavy orchestral group of gentle craftiness.

Dweller at the Threshold: Ouroborus   (8.4)
(Binary - 2001) - A veritable universe is constructed on layers of electronic keyboardsounds by three men who know certainly how to use them.

eM: all the stars burning bright   (8.7)
(the Foundry - 2001) - A beguiling vision of spacemusic achieves a captivating balance of astrophysical phenomena and abstract beauty.

André Estermann: Balloon   (9.1)
(Sellwell - 2001) - Buoyant electronic ephemera with spunky percussion is not too heavy, not too light....

Dean Santomieri: The Boy Beneath the Sea   (8.3)
(the Foundry - 2001) - Upon an ominously flowing soundtrack, a twisted fairy tale provides a decidedly different aural experience.

Rasa: Union   (8.3)
(Hearts of Space - 2001) - Exotic multi-ethnic instrumentation and neo-ancient explorations transcends boundaries of race and time.

David Shea: Tryptich   (8.3)
(Quatermass - 2001) - An often overwhelming three-piece suite is an exercise in wide-ranging explorational musicollage compositions.

Michael Stearns: The Storm   (8.7)
(Spotted Peccary - 2001) - This audiometeorological journey offers various (often quite dark) perspectives on life and its many storms and calms.

v/a: 5x   (8.5)
(Dark Duck - 2001) - Definition-defying audioexperimentations tend to be alluringly blurred soundscapes rather than in-your-face antics.

v/a: 6x   (8.3)
(Dark Duck - 2001) - Nine tracks of merge the flavorings of eight cooks into one decidedly unusual broth.

v/a: bip-hop generation v.3   (8.7)
(bip-hop - 2001) - Another global gathering of notable electronicians, showcasing their pleasingly diverse styles.

v/a: discotheque bruitisme   (8.4)
(Erneuerter Prozess - 2001) - Experimental dancetronica from the roughened edge ranges from floatable boppiness to "duck and cover!".

v/a: sunset magnetic north   (8.6)
(Waveform - 2001) - The seductive activities of these Canadian-spawned electrons keep temperatures up and pulses thumping for more than 72 minutes.

v/a: voodoo roux   (8.5)
(Waveform - 2001) - A zesty/mellow mostly-European stew of mid-tempo beats and smooth-flowing synthscapes is tasty and intoxicating.

vidnaObmana: Tremor   (9.2)
(Release - 2001) - An eerie beauty exists where all things Obmana seem to converge in darkly delightful ambiguities.

Wilt: amidst a spacious fabric   (8.4)
(Ad Noiseam - 2001) - Experimental dark ambience and noise from the sounds of a zither being monstrously distorted.

z.e.l.l.e.: nth   (8.3)
(Line - 2001) - Dwell in a practically subaudible world of gaseous vapors, almost-imperceptible clicks, low-frequency hums and various hybrids thereof.


October/November Overviews include:
Koji Asano, "The End of August"; Leitmotiv, "la révérence"; M.A.J.O.R., "Master and Juggernaut of Rhymes"; niobe, "radioersatz"; Radiowave, "Journey Thru OZ!";


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