beefcake: coincidentia oppositorum   (8.5)
(Hymen - 2000) - Often-beat-laden sonic architecture incorporates a hodge podge of styles into one sprawling funhouse which twists and turns in unimaginable detours.

Bogus Blimp: cords.wires   (8.3)
(Jester Records - 2000) - Twisted tunes are a grotesque caricature of modern life, delivered with impressive timing, creativity and satiric bad-boy glee.

Cyber Zen Sound Engine: Moonscapes: How Stones Become Enlightened   (8.2)
(N-light-N Records - 2000) - Nicely rendered blend of musical essences, electronic explorations and ambient spaces by way of synthstreams, processed guitar presence and light beats.

Mathias Grassow: The Fragrance of Eternal Roses   (8.5)
(Arya - 2000) - A drone by any other name would smell just as sweet... a bouquet of slow-motion arrangements with subtle shifts of aroma and color.

mollusk: v1.3   (8.4)
(Mollusk - 2000) - Captain Nemo would feel right at home in this murky underwater world of liquidly oozing lo-fi sound.

Rockenfield/Speer: Hells Canyon   (8.3)
(Rainstorm Records - 2000) - Rock-steady rhythmications and bold guitars blaze 11 twisting prog-rock trails between precipice walls and across desert flatlands.

mark spybey & mick harris: bad roads, young drivers   (8.6)
(hushush - 2000) - Fasten your seatbelts... 11 drum-driven tracks make for a grungy electronic joyride over bumpy, twisting pavement.

Zero Ohms: Supreme - Infinite - Essence   (8.5)
(Zero Ohms Productions - 2000) - (Mostly) warm wind-synth drones make for an immersive listening experience.


October Overviews include:
The Girl Pool, "The Girl Pool"; Homogenized Terrestrials, "Sound Pores"; Instruction Shuttle, "Experimental"; Instruction Shuttle, "Russian Real Estate"; raison d'être, "in Sadness, silence and solitude"; raison d'être, "Reflections from the time of opening"; Lull, "Dreamt About Dreaming"; stilluppsteypa, "not a laughing matter, but rather a matter of laughs e.p."; Ulver, "Metamorphosis"


This Month: "Open the Door"... 9 artists give a look inside... their fridge.


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