Stephanie Santé:
On the creation of her just-released, Inner Beauty, midi guitarist Stephanie Santé tells about the art and science of her craft, and more.


Paul Ellis: Into the Liquid Unknown   (8.4)
(Hypnos/Binary - 2001) - An audio Jacques Cousteau dives into subaquatic visions of a crystalline clarity, while capturing the shadowy depths as well.

In The Nursery: Engel   (9.3)
(ITN Corporation - 2001) - Too rousing for mere background music, neosymphonic anthems rise to gloriously enveloping atmospheres.

Kerovnian: From the Depths of Haron   (8.4)
(Cold Spring - 2001) - The answer to you darkest prayers, a flood of sonic terrors on the darkest slab of sound around.

Larry Kucharz: Techno Unit 32: Misc. Tracks   (8.2)
(International Audiochrome - 2001) - A second venture into beat-driven realms produces pieces which are perfectly listenable, but somehow soul-lacking.

Mollusk: Accretions   (8.4)
(The Foundry - 2001) - A voyage to the bottom of the murkiest underwater environments tends to be gentle, if a bit strange.

alva noto: transform   (9.1)
(Mille-Plateaux /Raster-Noton - 2001) - Extraneous details are stripped away to reveal skeletal beat-patterns, deep emissions and bits of audio detritus.

Nick Parkin: Geomorphic Resonance   (8.4)
(Soleilmoon - 2001) - Adventurous listeners will dig this ever-mutating thematic exploration of the Earth's very living crust.

Ray: Ethereal Journey   (8.3)
(Ray Leonard Records - 2001) - Soft-focus simplicity lets these tracks live and breathe as their own subdued environments.

Stephanie Santé: Inner Beauty   (8.4)
(Santé Music - 2001) - Exotic midi guitar audiotransformations of inner and/or outer spaciness will unfold before your very ears...

Seofon: Zero Point: Lessons in being nothing   (8.7)
(Foundry - 2001) - Being familiar with the original tracks isn't necessary to enjoy these considerably more ambient re-dos.

Sleep Research Facility: Nostromo   (8.9)
(Cold Spring - 2001) - A certain dread looms as the dead starship's various levels are traversed, deck by darkened deck... sedate-though-chilling.

sogar: basal   (9.0)
(12k - 2001) - Subtle eccentricities and relatively obscure soundforms are stirred into curiously ear-catching transmissions.

Geoff White: questions and comments   (8.9)
(Force Inc. - 2001) - Undeniable rhythms are recast into fragile-yet-thumping new dancefloor lifeforms. Very cool!

erik wollo: wind journey   (8.4)
(Spotted Peccary - 2001) - A gently flowing panorama for the ears rises above new age mediocrity thanks to expansive six-string stylings and ambient interludes.


September Overviews include:
body, "the thin hour"; Cesium137, "the fall"; Freaky Chakra vs Single Cell Orchestra; Tony Gerber (w/John Rose), "Airwaves"; Scott Mosher, "Virtuality"; Nightmares on Wax, "Smokers Delight"; Tim Tatum, "Music and the World"; Zero Ohms, "Sweven"


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