antifade: immunoflourescence   (8.5)
(Dank Disk - 2000) - Unobtrusive beatsystems and dubby bass flavors are stirred into an often-ephemeral haze of free-floating synthsations and processed guitar.

Jim Cole & Spectral Voices: Sky   (9.1)
(Spectral Spiral Music - 2000) - Within a 120-ft. water tower, Spectral Voices achieve ephemeral a cappella excellence in upwardly spiraling choruses of formless beauty.

John Duncan: Tap Internal   (8.2)
(Touch - 2000) - Never-before-heard micro-niches of perplexing audioenigmas are not for the timid or impatient listener.

eM: import   (8.4)
(Fällt - 2000) - Intriguing bite-sized tastes make for tantalizing samples which carry a surprisingly "full" flavor.

Illusion of Safety, Life Garden, Voice of Eye:
The Nature of Sand
(Manifold - 2000) - Idiosyncratic explorations from renowned experimentalists have been finally unearthed to reveal the vast, bizarre isolationist space.

Lustmord: purifying fire   (8.5)
(Soleilmoon - 2000) - Dark-but-not-overly-demonic vignettes take a more exploratory approach into almost-scientific realms.

Gordon Rhyne: innerstellar   (8.0)
(Zero Ohms - 2000) - By way of mantric overtone chanting, take a reverential journey on extended multi-toned vocal strands which seem to ebb and flow endlessly.

Michael Stearns and Ron Sunsinger: Sorcerer   (8.6)
(Spotted Peccary - 2000) - Southwestern mysticism and naturalistic touches mark truly foreboding trails into sprawling vista of magically arid soundscapism.

David Toop: 37th Floor at Sunset   (8.3)
(Sub Rosa - 2000) - This surreal estate offers a stylistic, microscopic look/listen into strange-yet-familiar soundworlds.

Various Artists: Invisible Soundtracks : Macro 3   (8.5)
(Leaf - 2000) - A hodge-podge of imaginary themesongs evoke back-of-the-eyelids scenes which vary in weirdness as the tracks themselves do...

Various Artists: Transambient (DVD)   (8.7)
(Addictive Television - 2000) - If your eyes are as hungry as your ears for unusual abstractions, see/hear this (sometimes literally) dizzying variety of sights and sounds.


September Overviews include:
AutoCad/Pantheist Audio, "Found Minutes"; Black Dog Productions, "Bytes"; Gas, "Königsforst"; Various Artists, "Narratives: Music for Fiction"; Voice of Eye and Life Garden, "The Hungry Void Volume 2 : Air"; David Williams, "Hello Columbus"


This Month: "Tips and Tricks"... Creative hints from 17 favorite electro-ambienticians.


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