Alva Noto + Opiate: _Opto files   (8.8)
(Raster-Noton - 2001) - Tastefully textured abstract music is a blend of blur and gri.

Black Faction: Internal Dissident Part I   (8.6)
(Soleilmoon - 2000) - You "will hear harsh noises of despair, and lamentations of sorrow" amid macabre electronic atmospheres and rhythmic patterns.

demolition squad: hit it   (8.3)
(Psychotropic - 2001) - An arsenal of instrumentation tears down some military thinking, but mostly builds up a downtempo barrier of musical resistance.

Fennesz: Endless Summer   (8.5)
(Mego - 2000) - Scuffed up (though still sweet) electronic oddities, with hints of summertime fun lingering beneath their roughened exteriors.

Geomatic: Control Agents   (8.8)
(Triumverate) - Threatening technologies merge with ageless realms of morbid fantasies in these seven pleasantly foreboding panoramas.

kim koschka: bella maniera   (8.3)
(psychotropic - 2000) - Electronic noir could easily be the sountrack of some neo-crime caper on the dark streets of a dirty cybercity.

Nick Parkin: Entropolis   (8.3)
(Soleilmoon - 2001) - As unforgiving as rust and erosion, the forces of decay can be relentless and swift in this dark travelogue.

John Rose: Cosmogenesis   (8.5)
(Space For Music - 2001) - Synthsounds and other more-traditional instruments are interwoven with skillful craftsmanship and sensitivity.

Rothko: 40 Years to Find a Voice   (8.9)
(Lo Recordings - 1999) - These tracks overpower with the surprisingly delicate grace of bass, ambling into emotionally-stirring gray areas.

Spacecraft: Cybersphere   (8.4)
(Space For Music - 2001) - Expect a gentle voyage through realms of shapelessly flowing soundworlds of soft psychedelia.

starfish pool: illusions of move - the golden cycle   (8.5)
(hymen records - 2001) - Almost-an-hour of looping electronic experimentations are obtuse-yet-accessible.

vidnaObmana: Soundtrack for the Aquarium   (8.5)
(Hypnos - 2001) - Submerge yourself in two discs of swirling subaquatic sound ooze.


August Overviews include:
Amon Tobin, "bricolage"; Clock DVA, "Buried Dreams"; Crown Invisible, "C I 4: Cinema"; L. Gaab, "The Sacred and the Profane"; Global Communication, "Remotion"; Summer Kelly, "Spilled Drinks Can Lead to Chaos and Mass Destruction" and "Summer Kelly"; Scorn, "Lick Forever Dog"; Venice 13, "Spiked"


This Month: "Old Interests"... 12 artists tell about former fascinations.


Contest Results from last month's Virtual Ambient Refrigerator Magnets contest


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