Robert Scott Thompson:
A busy, busy man... multi-genre composer, professor, publisher, etc., etc. Robert Scott Thompson has recently shared his Blue Day with the rest of us...


Koji Asano: A Secret Path of Rain   (7.9)
(Solstice - 2000) - Following these unpredictable caustic textures is like tracing the splotchy organic corrosion along a length of partially rusty pipe...

Sara Ayers: Sylvatica   (8.5)
(Dark Wood Recordings - 2000) - An ethereal collection of sonic experimentation like faded watercolor fantasies for the ears.

Richard Bone: Ascensionism   (8.5)
(Quirkworks Laboratory Discs - 2000) - Neo-loungey light-heartedness and some seriously grooving attitudes will stir the blood of all but the most curmudgeonly listener.

farfield: the edges of everything   (9.2)
(Farfield - 2000) - Gorgeously understated instrumental presences are merged with the subdued textures and half-heard entities.

James Johnson: Entering Twilight   (9.0)
(Hypnos - 2000) - Multiple lush layers entwine and softly levitate, seamlessly and without interruption.

bill laswell: lo. def pressure   (9.1)
(quatermass - 2000) - Cross-cultural pollenization has rarely sounded this good... drummy, dreamy textures.

lead: music for storms   (8.4)
(adastra - 2000) - As dark and changeable as rain-laden thunderheads, these sounds generate stormy abstract energies.

Send vs. Deep Chill Network: Chilled-Out Funk   (8.4)
(Dark Duck - 2000) - Trance-inducing drum-and-drone soundscapes are a nice blend of street-ready percussion and sci-fi atmospherics.

S.E.T.I.: Pod   (8.5)
(Ash International - 2000) - Darkly electro-mechanical audiocurrents and rough-edged near-minimalism from the outer limits.

Kent Sparling: Under New Manna   (9.2)
(Purling/Jicama Salad Co. - 2000) - Fairly normal instruments are processed into gorgeously unrecognizable mirages and dreamlike surroundings of "picophonics".

Robert Scott Thompson: Blue Day   (9.3)
(Aucourant Records - 2000) - Gorgeously-realized dreamworlds which reflect both the lightness and the dark in a misty fantasy land of sonic beauty and mystery

Various Artists: Constant Friction: Collaborations 2   (8.3)
(Lo Recordings - 2000) - The only predictable thing about these quirky collaborations is that each track will be defiantly unconventional.

Various Artists: Economi$ed   (8.4)
(Economy Records - 2000) - The first assault wave from a new Sub Label drops its payload of hard-hitting d'n'b style tracks, each laced with ominous vapors of menace.


August Overviews include:
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