A dark ambient master resurfaces with Metavoid; Brian Williams will be happy if his soundscapes simply draw you in.


Arovane_Phonem: AER (VALID)   (9.1)
(Vertical Form - 2001) - Scuffed-up beatronics combine synthesized sweetness with digitally-effected scruffiness.

Biosphere: Substrata2   (9.3)
(Touch - 2001) - A classic has been re-released, repackaged and broadened with the inclusion of a second disc.

demolition squad: hit it   (8.3)
(Psychotropic - 2001) - Electronic noir could easily be the sountrack of some neo-crime caper on the dark streets of a dirty cybercity.

Taylor Deupree: Occur   (8.4)
(12k - 2001) - Obtuse micronoise from the "snap, crackle and pop" pallette makes crystalline understatements of an exploratory nature.

Bernhard Günter:
monochrome white | polychrome w/neon nails
(LINE - 2001) - An especially "light" series of soundscenes are like fizzy wallpaper-for-the ears.

Tom Heasley: Where the Earth Meets the Sky   (8.8)
(Hypnos - 2001) - Forget "oompah-pah"... these transmogrified tuba sounds spread into never-before-heard panoramas of sonic exploration.

Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai: Cyclo   (8.5)
(Raster-Noton - 2001) - New submolecular music in glitchy-yet-accessible experimentations that (micro)manage to entrance.

Lustmord: Metavoid   (8.4)
(Nextera - 2001) - Less demonic and more symphonic, these pieces sprawl like soundtracks to some Gothic-tinged science fiction epic.

Tujiko Noriko: Shojo Toshi   (8.7)
(Mego - 2001) - Unpolished gems which dazzle the ears with softness, sweetness and infectuous strangeness.

Nam June Paik: Works 1958.1979   (8.3)
(Sub Rosa - 2001) - Eclectic sound projects have been kept alive for posterity by documentarians of the experimental.

jon sheffield: it's been so long since i've seen the ocean   (8.4)
(tomlab - 2001) - Decidedly different electronics take some unexpected detours, sometimes bypassing quirky and heading into full-on sonic dementia.

Steve Roach: Structures from Silence   (9.3)
(Projekt - 2001) - Worlds of wonder will open (again, or for the first time) with this delicate balance of activity and stillness.

Sola Translatio: Mother Sunrise   (8.8)
(Hypnos - 2001) - Scenic organic/electronic droneworlds are often still, but never stagnant.

Spaceheads w/ Max Eastley: Time of the Ancient Astronaut   (8.2)
(BiP_HOp - 2001) - Surreal soundworlds of unimaginably skewed sonic streams and explosions literally blare with weirdness

Rafael Toral:
Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance
(Touch - 2001) - The balance of these guitar-powered tracks decidedly tips toward the calm rather than the violent.

v/a: No Compression Festival 01   (8.3)
(littlefurythings - 2001) - Very various examples give a feel for many different directions into which electronic/experimental music is evolving.

v/a: Where Stalks the Sandman   (8.3)
(Noh Poetry - 2001) - Explore the strange ambient soundscapes of digitally altered sonic terrains.

paul vnuk jr.: silence speaks in shadow   (9.2)
(Hypnos - 2001) - Soundscape meets cityscape in a panoramic blend of shapeshifting ambient streams and subtle occurences.


July Overviews include:
ashfelt, "the butterfly chair ep"; Koji Asano, "Autumn Meadow"; Dissecting Table, "Memories"; Dissecting Table, "Power Out Of Control"; Alex Keller, "The Four Hundred Boys"; Larry Gaab, "Peripheral Visions"; oleg kostrow, "the great flashing tracks from ivona"; Mikron 64, "sys 49152"; v/a, "Le Sacre Du Printemps"


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