Tetsu Inoue:
Ranked with the masters since his early Fax recordings, Testsu has most recently collaborated with Taylor Deupree, just releasing their DSP breakdown, active / freeze.


Audiochrome: Techno Unit 30   (8.4)
(International Audiochrome - 2000) - Traditional techno forms are filtered through the prism of Larry Kucharz, whose roots are decidedly outside of that scene.

Beige: I Don't Either   (8.6)
(Leaf - 2000) - Quirky "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" arrangements are playfully attached to funky rhythms in a head-spinning debut.

Mark Deutsch: Fool...   (9.0)
(Mark Deutsch Productions - 1999) - How often do we get to hear a new (and utterly compelling) instrument? The bazantar's tones are supernaturally resonant.

EA: EA   (8.8)
(Cpt. Sparky - 2000) - Dark ambient constructions are not stoney dungeon walls, but rotting plaster and exposed brick, fading into fogs of obscurity. Nicely done!

tetsu inoue + taylor deupree: active / freeze   (8.7)
(12k - 2000) - Persistence pays off when listening to a small-scale cacophony which reveals many fragmentized moments of obtuse beauty

christian høy knudsen: hav   (8.9)
(Council of Nine - 2000) - If you're looking for a place to really float... this is ideal, though the waters aren't necessarily always calm nor warm.

Lustmord: The Monstrous Soul   (8.3)
(Soleilmoon - 1990/2000) - Acolytes of ambient's nether regions will flock to the blackened altar of this dark re-release.

brian parnham: The Broken Silence   (8.6)
(Floating Point Records - 2000) - Didjeridu adds flavor to dreamlike sound constructions, which seem more "organically-grown" than "built".

Stephen Philips/Ben Summers: Beyond the Glaze   (8.3)
(Dark Duck - 2000) - Deep space seems to be the place from which these unfettered tones emamate...

Rapoon Vs. Kinder Atom: Rapoon Vs. Kinder Atom   (8.5)
(klanggalerie - 2000) - Rapoon's watercolory smears of sound and neoprimitive rhythms dominate the recording with more-electronic accompaniment from Kinder Atom.

Steven Severin: The Woman in the Dunes   (8.2)
(RE: - 2000) - Beatless electronic mantras for movement and/or meditation make for sensual, if not a bit repetitive, listening.

Saul Stokes: Outfolding   (9.0)
(Hypnos - 2000) - Unbotrusively primal-rhythmic explorations of amorphous locales can take you wherever you want to go...

szkieve: des germes de quelque chose   (8.4)
(Hushhush - 2000) - Disorientingly enigmatic listening keeps one wondering what the original sources might have been.

the third planet: the third planet   (8.2)
(World Class - 2000) - Algerian, Italian, Iraqi, and Indian members of bring musical sounds from all over the globe to a colorful, festive world party.

Zero Ohms: atma-spheric surfaces   (8.5)
(Zop Opus - 2000) - Tennesse can now be noted for the windswept expanses of ambient/electronic soundstreams blowing out of Collierville.


July Overviews include:
Electro Harmonix, "Electro Harmonix"; Hafler Trio, "Four Ways of Saying Five"; Inu-yaroh, "Adapt"; Tetsu Inoue, "Ambiant Otaku"; Tetsu Inoue, "Slow and Low"; The Legendary Pink Dots, "A Perfect Mystery"; david maranha, "circunscrita"; Om, "Instant Enlightenment"; Oval, "Systemisch"; Various Artists, "four ways of saying H3O"


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Contributed Reviews from the attentive ears of Stephen Fruitman include:
Bucolic, "Dzyan Blood"; Mark Dresser & Frances-Marie Uitti, "Sonomondo"; Roger Eno, "The Long Walk"; Kim Gordon, Ikue Mori & DJ Olive, "SYR5"; Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, "Dub Voyage"


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