ambre & mark spybey: sfumato   (8.7)
(Hushush - 2000) - Imagine the best connotation of the word "dismal" and apply it to these somber abstractions.

Exuviae: Echoes in the Emptiness   (8.9)
(GreenHouse Music - 2000) - Warm ambient waves will fill any void of silence with luxuriously shapeless sounds.

Randy Greif: Alice in Wonderland   (8.4)
(Soleilmoon - ) - A major transmutation of Alice in Wonderland spans five CDs, with abstract soundscapes and altered phonetic sculptures.

Hidenobu Ito: Bedroom in the Cage   (8.6)
(NS-Com - 2000) - Artful arrangements keep a staggering overabundance of sounds interesting.

Jet Jaguar: Jet Jaguar   (9.1)
(Involve - 2000) - Computerized music and e-percussion from New Zealand brim with abundant life, spirit and attitude.

Russell Mills: Strange Familiar   (8.9)
(Bella Union - 2000) - A star-studded soundcanvas shines with rough-edged beauty, balancing ambiance and music.

Open Canvas: indumani   (8.5)
(Waveform - 2000) - Exotic groove-seekers will be carried around the world, magic-carpet-style, by pleasurable audio-transportation.

O.S.T.: Death Notice   (8.2)
(Thousand - 1999) - These "funereal" pieces tend toward a monochromatic sound range, with plenty of various distortions, and a couple of beaty tracks.

Signer: Giving It Up To Feel Effected   (8.7)
(Involve/Kog Transmissions - 2000) - Aloof coolness blends with warmly inviting arrangements for something which seems both clinical and fun.

Sounds from the Ground: Terra Firma   (8.6)
(Waveform - 2000) - A welcome revisitation... Mellow vibrations and easy beats are stirred into a tasty reggae-flavored mix.

Various Artists: Caipiríssima   (8.7)
(Caipirinha - 2000) - This perfect-for-summer comp stirs up a zesty concoction of exotic Brazilian flavors mixed with global electronics.

Various Artists: Touch 00   (9.0)
(Touch - 2000) - Touch's newest sampler (of previously unreleased material) highlights the broad range of sonic unusuality the label is known for.

Jah Wobble: Molam Dub   (9.0)
(30 Hertz Records - 2000) - Perfect summer listening (in a definitely non-ambient mode) is a beachful of fun (not to mention a culturally expanding experience).


June Overviews include:
matt borghi, "for running time"; fennesz, "plus forty seven degrees 56' 37" minus sixteen degrees 51' 08""; gal, "bestimmung new york"; Edward Ka-Spel, "Red Letters"; Living Under a Green Sun, "Dr. Memory Vol. 1"; Various Artists, "War Smash Hits"; Jah Wobble, "The Inspiration of William Blake"


This Month: "Fantasy Home"... 13 artists give their ultimate relocation scheme.


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