Loren Nerell:
Ethnomusicologist Loren Nerell has turned sound-documentarian with his latest, Indonesian Soundscapes. Learn more here.


Richard Bone: Coxa   (8.2)
(Quirkworks - 1999) - A neo-retro-jazz-lounge engagement, Bone's newest tracks are like muzak, only cooler.

Fingerpaint: Primary Colors: Blue   (8.1)
(FNGP Records - 1998) - A very "active" brand of ambience, Fingerpaint's artwork is all over the place...

Kerovnian: Far Beyond, before the Time   (8.3)
(Cold Spring - 1999) - A dark, sonic monstrosity crawling up from the depths of Hell... and I mean that in the best way.

Muslimgauze: Azure Deux   (9.4)
(Staalplaat - 1999) - An energetic "best of" compilation culled from several of Bryn Jones' limited editions.

Loren Nerell: Indonesian Soundscapes   (8.5)
(Soleilmoon Recordings - 1999) - A sonic travelogue as documented by Loren Nerell will take you to faraway Bali and Java.

Conrad Praetzel: Receive   (8.4)
(Paleo Music - 1998) - Boundaries blur on this spirited ehtno/world/electronic outing. Very nice stuff!

Steve Roach: Stormwarning   (8.4)
(Soundquest - 1989/1999 - Long, evolving synth and sequencer passages form their own weather; conditions are favorable!

twine: reference   (9.0)
(AdAstra - 1999) - A very impressive blend of noise, rhythm and and moods in a mechanicalistic collage.

Various Artists: Weightless, Effortless   (8.6)
(Hypnos - 1999) - Like the title says, the untroubled pieces of this comp simply float in their own little world; enter it!

Vidna Obmana/Asums Tietchens: Motives for Recycling   (9.2)
(Soleilmoon Recordings - 1999) - Esoteric and ethereal new constructions are yielded in this second recycling collaboration; special guest appearance by Vidna Obmana!

Viridian Sun: Perihelion   (8.5)
(Hypnos - 1998) - Forget the Star Wars theme... if you really want space explorations, these tracks provide a wormhole into unexplored sonic realms.


May Overviews include:
Biosphere, "Patashnik"; Crown Electric, "Crown Electric Remixes"; "Devil Dub", Loren Nerell, "Point of Arrival" & "Book of Alchemy", Various Artists, "Distributed Shared Memory"; Various Artists, "Enter the Monkey"; Vidna Obmana/Asums Tietchens, "Syrenia 2";


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