Meet the main involvee with New Zealand's Involve Records, Aspen tells all...including about his latest electronic adventures...


Alias Zone: Lucid Dreams   (9.0)
(CyberMotion - 2001) - A heat-drenched neverworld between ethnic music, current electronics technology, electro-organic soundscapes and astute artiness.

amongst myselves: still life   (8.3)
(RMC - 2000) - Australian ambience with immersive alien atmospheres, more-Earthly musical essences and offworld audioimagery.

A Produce: Smile on the Void   (9.0)
(Hypnos - 2001) - Gorgeously rendered and often sweetly tonal atmospheres seem to be field recordings from another planetary system.

Koji Asano: Quoted Landscape   (7.9)
(Solstice - 2001) - Longform immersions into slightly rough electronic textures work best in wallpaper mode.

aspen: music from passing cars   (9.3)
(Label - 2001) - A perfect mix of electronic experimentalism, rhythmic effects processing and laid-back arrangements.

cathode ray tube: subzero sensei   (8.5)
(CFOM - 2000) - These slightly-scuffed beatronic oddities aren't so "challenging" as to be hard-to-listen-to.

Cyscape: Alignment   (8.6)
(Farfield - 2001) - Softly droning otherworlds brim with abstract soundvisions of a most celestial nature.

Bruce Kaphan: Slider   (8.8)
(Hearts of Space - 2000) - A hearty dose of western seasoning (as well as a pinch of eastern) fill almost-an-hour with luxuriously rambling tunefulness.

Mandrake: Shake Your Space Traveller   (8.5)
(Involve - 2001) - Downtempo grooves and bright synthsounds from New Zealand make for light-but-not-limp e-listening..

musical nature: solstice chill   (8.5)
(Musical Nature - 2000) - Wintery-yet-warm visions and chilly atmospheres can take you away any time of year.

Robert Rich: Somnium - DVD   (NR)
(Hypnos - 2001) - The master himself sets a sonic first with seven continuous hours of ambient soundscapes in highest-possible-resolution DVD-quality sounds

sandspider: spider   (8.4)
(worm interface - 2000) - A blissed-out realm of cool grooves will ensnare fans of early '90s electronic dance music.

Eban Schletter: The Civilian   (8.3)
(Netherota - 2000) - The bold churning monochrome of old-fashioned church organ sounds is decidedly picturesque and moody.

Paul Schwartz: state of Grace   (8.4)
(Windham Hill - 2000) - Expect to be dazzled by ethereal/orchestral-plus-beats numbers.

Shimri: Lilies of the Field   (8.3)
(Art of Fact - 2000) - Old-school electronic activities are propelled into a shadowy future through edgy sonic experiments.

v/a: 4x   (8.2)
(Dark Duck - 2001) - An eclectic blend of raucous sonic experiments, and quieter realms of computerized materials.

v/a: bip-hop generation v.2   (8.6)
(bip-hop - 2001) - Top-notch electronicians from around the globe conglomerate their unique soundstylings into one multi-directionally sprawling complex.

v/a: Between Two Points   (8.7)
(12k/Line - 2001) - A unique comp profiles tiny audioworlds, perfect for at-the-computer headphone-listening.

v/a: substancia 3   (8.6)
(quatermass - 2001) - (Often) beat-heavy mix-and-match explorations of sound and attitude specialize in quirky electronics.

Vidna Obmana: Subterranean Collective   (9.4)
(Projekt - 2001) - 17 preternaturally exotic soundscapes fill this must-have collection from the masters!


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