Tom Tyler:
Having just unleashed some beat- and sample-driven fun with Asleep at the Switch, Tom Tyler talks... with additional comments from D.C. Recordings head, J. Saul Kane.


Arkkon: Rotunda   (8.3)
(Soleilmoon - 2000) - Disorientingly indecipherable soundforms direct and/or impede your progress through these experimental soundstructures.

Koji Asano: Momentum   (8.4)
(Solstice - 2000) - Sonic experimentation involving direct recordings from two counter-acting woofers makes for interesting, if a bit harsh, listening.

Shafqat Ali Khan: Shafqat Ali Khan   (8.2)
(World Class - 2000) - Traditional Indi-Pakistani vocal stylings are seductively fused with more-modern electronic/acoustic instrumentation.

William Orbit: Pieces in a Modern Style   (8.4)
(Maverick - 2000) - With a variety of treatments, William Orbit reworks classical in a more-or-less reverent manner.

orbitronik: my computer my stereo   (8.8)
(Thousand - 2000) - Binary beatfests seek to both satirize AND improve upon the cliches of modern e-music.

Patio: Parallel Play   (9.2)
(Involve - 2000) - Easygoing rhythms and just-slightly-edgy electronics form some of the coolest sounds coming out of New Zealand.

Jeff Pearce: To the Shores of Heaven   (9.2)
(Hypnos - 2000) - Jeff Pearce takes his listeners To the Shores of Heaven on luxurious floating carpets of hyperprocessed guitar strings

Ras Command: Serious Smokers   (8.3)
(Waveform - 2000) - Not actually authentic island sounds, but when the electro-reggae groove is this much fun, who really cares?

Rasa: Devotion   (8.3)
(Hearts of Space - 2000) - Middle-Eastern prayers, chants and devotional love songs are appropriately reverent, delivered with crisp, clean Anglo-reinterpretations.

Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana: Live Archive   (9.0)
(Groove Unlimited - 2000) - The high points of 1997's tour have been distilled into a potent stew of earthy power and rugged beauty.

Tom Tyler: Asleep at the Switch   (8.7)
(DC Recordings - 2000) - These dozen, often jazz-flavored, creations are light in spirit but heavy in a beat-driven groove.

Various Artists: Ambient Landscapes 2   (9.0)
(Dark Duck - 2000) - Contributors of varying renown speak in abstract musical tongues for more than 72 minutes.

various artists: between sun and moon   (8.8)
(Soleilmoon - 2000) - This sampler disc delivers both neotribal excursions and more-electronic percussion-free zones.

Various Artists: MetaSynthia 1   (8.8)
(Glen Bledsoe - 2000) - MetaSynthesists unite! Two CDs of electronic/experimental sounds explore a new way to make music.

Vidna Obmana & Willem Tanke: Variations for Organ, Keyboard and Processors   (8.6)
(Multimood - 1999) - Traditional church organ sounds are sucessfully recomposed by master recycler Vidna Obmana.

Susumu Yokota: magic thread   (9.0)
(Leaf - 2000) - 11 ear-pleasing tapestries of experimental electro-ambient and (often) restrained beatronics.


May Overviews include:
CC:Dome, "Dream Furious"; Chaos as Shelter, "In the Shelter of Chaos"; Eyeless in Gaza, "Song of the Beautiful Wanton"; Kozo, "Planned Penetration"; neurepublik, "Promo2000"; Brent A. Reiland & John Lyell, "Wormholes"; Kent Sparling, "Route Canal Diary"


This Month: "On Your Soapbox"... 13 artists speak out on the cause of their choice... or not.


Concert Photos of Robert Rich, James Johnson, Ma Ja Le; from April 29th's show in Milwaukee; a few 35mm shots are Coming Soon...


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