Jim Cole:
Overtone singer Jim Cole has just released his collaboration with Alpha Wave Movement, Bislama.


Alpha Wave Movement & Jim Cole: Bislama   (8.9)
(Spectral Spiral - 2001) - Two artists combine their best traits to transcend toward ephemeral, slightly-ethno-flavored realms of audio imagination.

Richard Bone: Tales from the Incantina   (8.5)
(Indium - 2001) - Beatless synthmelodies are indistinct enough to tell whatever stories you want to hear, as long as they're steeped in serenity.

Darshan: Ambient   (8.7)
(Darshan Music - 2000) - Ambient music which utilizes the best of both concepts... ephemeral soundshapes drift for nearly one hour.

diatonis: the endless knot   (8.3)
(Diatonis - 2000) - Emphasising the percussive and the amorphous, atmospheric instrumentals tread unknown realms in seven ritualistic soundscenes.

Farfield: Dust and Glass   (8.2)
(Farfield - 2000) - Locational samples from the UK help, and hinder, these ambient/electronic creations.

green isac: groundrush   (8.3)
(Spotted Peccary - 2000) - Ancient and futuristic influences are melded into smooth-though-rhythmic cybershamanic soundstreams.

James Johnson: Linger   (9.0)
(Space for Music - 2000) - For one short hour, shape-shifting realms of vastness, softness and transcendental lightness will linger in your environment.

markus reuter: digitalis   (8.4)
(Hypnos - 2000) - Real-time compositions on the Warr Guitar flow like two extended (and slowly mutating) environments.

Stephanie Santé: immaculate conceptions   (8.2)
(Santé Music - 2000) - Audiodreamscapes lie along some imaginary boundary between new age stylings and ambient shapelessness.

Spacecraft: Summer Town   (8.3)
(Space for Music - 2001) - Shapeless explorations by way of one 55-minute-long musical/textural evolution.

Mark Springer: Nature/Music/Food/The Stars And The Planets   (8.5)
(Exit - 2000) - Stunning piano work with a renegade streak, playfully twisting conventional forms in extravagant new contortions.

Tetris: Tetris   (8.5)
(Pork - 2000) - Warm and sunny sounds for Spring are being exported from Russia in these nine crisp electronic instrumentals

Ulver: Perdition City   (8.7)
(Jester Records - 2000) - Gorgeously arranged (though sparklingly dark) musical themes are a dazzling mindmovie soundtrack.

Ilpo Väisänen: Asuma   (8.3)
(MEGO - 2001) - For fans of that crunchy microsound, these strange inhuman spaces allow for human visitations of introspection and wonder...

v/a: 3x   (8.3)
(Dark Duck - 2001) - A hodge-podge of recombined sounds from various artists is mind-altering stuff.

v/a: did you see   (8.5)
(deFocus - 2000) - Smooth-though-beaty electronic reveries glimmer and shine, though at restrained levels of intensity.

v/a: Dreams & Shadows   (8.4)
(Spotted Peccary - 2000) - Nine incredibly placid tracks of shapeless loveliness float above any preconceptions (and take you with them).

v/a: Fahrenheit Project Part One   (8.5)
(Infinium Records - 2000) - Smooth electronic sounds mark a sensual and varied convergence of trance and ambient

v/a: MetaSynthia 2   (8.6)
(Glenn Bledsoe - 2001) - Exciting new audio and visual worlds come to fruition "where ear, eye and imagination meet".

v/a: sR:ample   (8.3)
(souRce research recordings - 2001) - Various Artists twist their sounds into many strange new shapes with an inclination toward mechanized noise and/or vaporous residues

Miki Yui: lupe luep peul epul   (8.7)
(LINE - 2001) - Subtle surrealistic sounds and not-too-abrasive microscopics result in a pleasantly light immersion into the enigmatic.


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