Steve Roach:
Steve Roach has just released his newest ambient excursion, moonbathing in the reverberously droning rays created in his nocturnal explorations of the six-string.


Apollon/Muslimgauze: Year Zero   (8.5)
(D.O.R. - 1999) - Collaboration yields a traditional Muslimgauze blend of ethnobeats, electronics and assorted disfiguring audio processes.

Laboratory of Modified Perceptions: dust from gold   (8.7)
(MPI - 1999) - 11 thoughtful audioprojects prove that "experimental" doesn't have to equal "annoying".

Maitreya: From the Mothership   (9.1)
(Council of Nine - 1999) - Gorgeous interstellar pieces are perfect soundtracks for deep space explorations, even if only through the constellations of your mind.

Loren Nerell: The venerable dark cloud   (8.9)
(Amplexus - 2000) - A purely gorgeous (though unfortunately brief) immersion into subtle ambi-ethnic ear-dreams.

The Octagon Man: Ito Calculus   (8.5)
(DC Recordings - 2000) - This beat-driven, experimental equation adds up to an irreverent, widely-ranging mixed-bag of electronics, rhythms and fun.

Daniel Pemberton & Charles Uzzell Edwards: Enhanced Environments   (8.4)
(Subversal - 1999) - Six (mostly) beatless excursions range from icy musical components, to sonic experimentation, to long-form found sounds.

Robert Rich: Humidity - Three Concerts   (9.2)
(Hypnos/Soundscape - 2000) - The live essence of the ambient master himself has been condensed into three must-have CDs of ethnically-tinged, organically-evolving soundworlds.

Steve Roach: Midnight Moon   (8.6)
(Projekt - 2000) - Steve Roach's guitar explorations are processed and reshaped into darkened washes of sound.

Twine & Horchata: Resource   (8.7)
(AdAstra / Zero1 - 1999) - Compelling originals and their remixes combine rhythmicism, electronoise, somber gray tones and digital disintegration.

Various Artists: 12k1008   (8.6)
(12k - 2000) - Conventional concepts of melody and rhythm are reconfigured through pure digital resynthesis and other experimental transformations.

Various Artists: Osmosis   (8.5)
(Leaf - 1999) - 14 hypercreative pieces figure into the equation: eclectic + electronica = eclectronica!

Vidna Obmana: The Surreal Sanctuary   (9.1)
(Hypnos - 2000) - Expect more "sanctuary" than "surreal", or at least anticipate surreality of a gently marvelous, if unknowable, nature.


April Overviews include:
Acts Magdalena, "Acts Magdalena"; Koji Asano: , "Preparing for April"; Bunker Soldier, "Innuendo"; Cihan, "Music of the Spheres"; David Hastings, "Electric Cafe"; I saw it all happen from beginning to end and sometimes I still can't believe what I saw, "Life Everlasting, Amen"; Roach/Burmer/Braheny, "Western Spaces"; Steve Roach, "Quiet Music"; Tony Stoufer, "One Swell Foop"; + book review: Indie Contact Bible


This Month: "Other Art"... 14 artists reveal their alternate artistic outlets.


Contributed Reviews from the attentive ears of Stephen Fruitman include:

Moondog, "Telpmas"; Vidna Obmana & Willem Tanke, "Variations for Organ, Keyboard and Processors"; Vidna Obmana, "The Surreal Sanctuary"; Stephen Vitiello, "The Light of Falling Cars"; Frances-Marie Uitti & Stephen Vitiello, "Uitti/Vitiello"; Stephen Vitiello, "Scratchy Marimba"; Jah Wobble, "30 Hertz Collection"

Concert Photos of Robert Rich, James Johnson, Ma Ja Le; from April 29th's show in Milwaukee, the digital pix have been posted. Stay tuned for 35mm shots.


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