386 DX: the best of   (8.2)
(Staalplaat - 2000) - Quirky fun ensues when rock classics are rendered in midi-tunes with speech-synthesis "vocals"

Antenne: #1   (8.3)
(Korm Plastics - 2000) - Microscopic digital blues from a lonely cybernetic nightspot rendered with ghostly sparsity and somber moods.

Dead Hollywood Stars: Gone West   (8.5)
(Mad Monkey Records - 2000) - A batch of real unique listening thoroughly mixes more-familiar musical elements with tracks of way-out-there experimentation.

Frolic: To Dream, Perchance to Sleep   (8.4)
(Projekt - 2001) - Ethereal compositions of gauzey surreality and contemplative serenity won't cause drowsiness.

Hank & Slim: The World Turned Gingham   (8.3)
(Caciocavallo - 2000) - Country fans will be perplexed by these strange mutations; experimental listeners will feel right at home... home on the deranged....

Brannan Lane: Lost Caverns of Thera   (8.0)
(World Circle Records - 2000) - Subterranean atmospheres offer the darkened thrills of spelunking without leaving your listening space.

penumbra: skandinavien   (8.2)
(Iris Light - 2001) - New textural fabrics are woven from everyday soundsources recorded in Skandinavia by one-half of zoviet france.

remanence: apparitions   (8.5)
(Cold Spring - 1999) - Summoning phantasmal images from an unknown past, moving neo-orchestral arrangements are morose, but not morbid

steve roach: early man   (9.2)
(Projekt - 2001) - Ageless surround-sound environments rise like a dense swampy haze to engulf modern ears in atmospheres of long ago and far away.

v/a: 2x   (8.3)
(Dark Duck - 2000) - The combined talents of unspecified various artists all balled up into 54 minutes of unpredictable sonic forms.

v/a: absolute zero   (8.3)
(Charrm - 2000) - Various artists to convey their impressions of stillness amid chaos, a state of entropy.

zoviet france: the decriminalisation of country music   (8.6)
(Tramway - 2000) - Master craftsmen retool the workaday sounds as Glascow's old depot is renovated into a unique arts center.


March Overviews include:
Aphelion, "I - VI"; Dark Star, "travelogue II"; JM Glover, "Within You"; Hollydrift, "hail the frozen north"; Horizon 222, "thethree of swans"; Chris Meloche, "Distant Rituals"; Muslimgauze, "Veiled Sisters"; perpetual ocean, "houdini"; Time2, "Time2"; Asmus Tietchens, "Sinkende Schwimmer"; Boyd Rice, "The Way I Feel";
Various Artists, "1x"


March: "Rock and Roll"... When they gotta rock... 10 artists choose...


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