Nigel Ayers:
Nigel has long been the lead "emitter" of Nocturnal Emissions; read about his newest release and much more here...


Depth Charge: Lust 2   (8.8)
(DC Recordings - 1999) - Vintage '60s and 70s kitsch flicks are united with rollicking rhythms and out-there electronics.

Francisco Lopez: Untitled #89   (8.3)
(OR - 2000) - A masterwork of texural drones visits the extremes of noise and of near-silence.

Nocturnal Emissions: Futurist Antiquarianism   (8.4)
(Soleilmoon - 2000) - Unpredicatable arrangements of electronics and beats from a 20-year veteran.

Scanner: Lauwarm Instrumentals   (8.7)
(Label - 1999) - Incorporates unique electronics, hyper-rhythmic percussion and smooth e-classical sounds into intriguing arrangements.

mikael stavöstrand: delgenelralton   (8.6)
(Staalplaat - 1999) - Microscopic deconstructions scattered over 38 tracks for your reshuffling enjoyment.

Alexandre St-Onge: Une mâchoire et deux trous   (8.3)
(Namskeio - 1999) - Unusual field recordings yield strange, minute soundworlds...

Tales: Marco Polo, a life for a dream   (8.1)
(Arizona University Recordings - 1999) - Ethnic-influenced electronics recount the life and times of the famed explorer.

David Tollefson: Near and Far   (9.0)
(Hypnos - 1999) - Alluring and amorphous transmogrified guitar noise.

Various Artists: Substancia 2   (8.4)
(Qatermass - 2000) - Substantial amounts of creativity and fun are delivered in these interestingly arranged pieces of intelligent electronica.

Vidna Obmana/Jan Marmenout: Spirits   (9.2)
(highgate - 1999) - Accomplished guides lead listeners in to a Spirit world of neoprimitive magic.


March Overviews include:

46bliss, "pistachio h o m e"; Paul Adams, "The Property of Water"; Amoeba, "watchful"; Johnny Pinkhouse presents Bad Acetate; Muslimgauze, "Sufiq"; Nocturnal Emissions, "Autonomia"; Spiritual Bats, "Sacrament"; therefore, "Khrom"; Various Artists, "Distention"


This Month: "Bio Time"... 14 artists tell whose story they might tell.


Contributed Reviews from the attentive ears of Stephen Fruitman include:

Koji Asano, "Preparing for April"; Kozo Inada, "a[]"; Bill Laswell, "Hear No Evil"; Alessandro Raina, "Colonia Paradíes"; Robert Rich, "Humidity"; Scanner vs DJ Spooky, "The Quick and the Dead"


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