Phillipe Petit:
As the collaborator behind the bip-hop generation, Phillipe Petit gathers some of the finer specimens of electronic music's evolving face.


akumu: akumu   (8.7)
(spider records - 2000) - Spiced with just the right amount of tasty percussion, this self-titled debut easily slips into a lush, hour-long electronic reverie.

Deep Chill Network: Yukon   (8.3)
(Dark Duck - 2000) - Glacial movements and sonic crystalizations explore icily atmospheric abstractions.

ryoji ikeda: matrix   (8.2)
(Touch - 2001) - One disc of sound-and-motion tone-drone experiments, and a second of more-active micro-house sounds.

Left Orbit Temple: Prolusion   (8.3)
(Tydirium - 2000) - Fifteen musicians impressively weave assorted styles into a unique theatrical/tribal/avant-garde/world/pop ensemble.

md: appelsap   (8.8)
(merck - 2000) - Inventive abstractions are pinned by delicious beatronics; very little low-end keeps everything light and crispy. Mmmmmm!

Ocsid: Opening Sweep   (8.2)
(Ash International - 2000) - An improvisational live-set offers an unpredictable panorama of gritty soundforms, disparate sampling and ominous moods.

+ONE: Bare Necessities   (8.5)
(deFocus - 2000) - Synthesized sunshine illuminates interestingly crooked pathways through a cartoony funland.

SoundforestVoice Fusions   (8.2)
(Soundforest - 2000) - An unpredictably diverse double-disc source collection offers a head-spinning array of speech-based samples and wild effects

v/a: aurora   (8.3)
(merck - 2000) - Mellow atmospheres from usually-electronica-oriented artists contain fairly pronounced musicality and plenty of unexpected directions

v/a: bip-hop generation v.1   (8.6)
(bip-hop - 2000) - A 74-minute overview of electronica's everchanging face chronicles an evolutionary process which is happening right before our ears...

wilt: the black box aesthetic   (8.3)
(organic conversations - 2000) - Torturously transmuted field recordings and ever-shifting turbulence form a portal into unrecognizable spaces.


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