In The Nursery:
Nigel and Klive Humberstone tell about their 20 years of filmic sounds, and their newest release, groundloop.


figure: my spine is the bow that breaks   (8.9)
(Multimood - 1999) - Twistedly artistic sculptures of sound, energy and feeling are built of two-parts familiar to ten-parts of the utterly unimaginable..

In The Nursery: groundloop   (8.4)
(ITN Corporation - 2000) - A stylish blend of classic orchestral instrumentation with modern electronics stir the mind and spirit.

Ma Ja Le / James Johnson: Live Under a harvest Moon   (9.0)
(Zero Music - 1999) - This limited edition release reaps a delicious 55.5-minute bounty of ambient/musical hybrids as sown by Ma Ja Le and James Johnson.

noisex: 1920.00   (8.5)
(Ant-Zen - 1999) - Noisily dark techno explodes with technical savvy, punkish belligerence and a sense of pit-bull playfulness.

Dino Pacifici: Hallowed Ground   (8.4)
(Dance Plant - 1999) - Take a journey into ambient worlds of wonder with faux-tribal touches.

retro-a.k.a.: synaesthesia   (8.7)
(Stalplaat - 1999) - Quietly noisy sounds form pleasantly dissonant atmospheres.

Steve Roach: the deam circle   (9.1)
(Timeroom Editions - 1999) - This appreciated re-release delivers uninterrupted immersion in a soft, warm, gently undulating pool of sound.

Various Artists: Convergent Evolution   (9.1)
(GreenHouse - 1999) - A most impressive debut from a new, but very focused, ambient label.


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