Koji Asano: The Last Shade of Evening Falls   (8.1)
(Solstice - 2000) - A motherlode (or is that an overload?) of discordant frequencies in this 4-CD set of sprawling noisescapes.

immedia: 2/1   (8.2)
(Line - 2000) - Mini-micro-digital soundscapes, like teasing electronic wraiths, make for extremely quiet listening...

Larry Kucharz: ComputerChoral Green Prints   (8.3)
(International Audiochrome - 2000) - Like of warm, layered blankets, "green" audiocurrents unfold in comfortably familiar surroundings

Psychic Enemies Network: Valis   (8.3)
(Skin and Barrel Music - 2000) - Enigmatic aural renderings of various eclectic soundforms drift in-and-out of unknown territories.

shuttle358: Frame   (9.3)
(12k - 2000) - Indefinable-though-alluring soundforms have been reshaped by a process of easy-on-the-ears experimentalism.

V/A: Bloomington Electronic Music Coalition v2.0   (8.3)
(Nefarious - 2000) - With a propensity toward experimental beatiness, these various artists bring a little something for everyone to this e-musical meeting.

V/A: Xen Cuts   (8.6)
(Ninja Tune - 2000) - A lot of music from a lot of people in a lot of variously intertwined forms... like those swinging retrojazz-electronic numbers!

vox barbara: (de)Constructed Ghosts   (8.2)
(Little Man - 2000) - Strange, electrically-discharged "auras" are captured by illegal "acoustic warfare" software.


January Overviews include:
Adrian Stone, "The Dream Captain"; Boards of Canada, "in a beautiful place out in the country"; Horizon 222, "through the round window"; karda estra, "thirteen from the twenty first"; Muslimgauze, "Citadel"; repeat, "select dialect"; Resonator, "myworld"; Various Artists, "Miditations"


This Month: "Pay to Play"... 13 artists tell about their "day jobs".


Contributed Reviews provided by Alex Copeland include:
A Produce and M. Griffin, "Altara"; Atom Heart, "Pentatonic Surprise"; Tetsu Inoue and Pete Namlook, "62 Eulengasse"

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